stash in

stash (something) in (something)

To secrete, hoard, or store something inside of something else. Please, just stash these drugs somewhere in your house—the cops will never look for them there! Why do you stash the chocolates in the back of the cupboard like that? It's like you're trying to hide them from me. I'll stash the presents in my office so we won't have to worry about Tommy accidentally finding them before his birthday.
See also: stash

stash something in something

to put or shove something into something; to store or hide something in something. You should stash your food in a place that is safe from bears when you go camping. I stashed my clothes in my suitcase and called a taxi.
See also: stash
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html) 2015 , recently announced plans to sell their General Washington's Secret Stash in stores across the United States.
The first step towards organization is sorting your stash in a way that makes sense for you.
This is the fifth worldwide and the second in Europe after the opening of The Stash in Avoriaz, France last year.
Mark Owens and Keith Geoghegan were nabbed drinking their stolen stash in St Mary's Cemetery, Kilkenny.