starve for (something)

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starve for (something)

To have an intense need or longing for something; to be deprived of something. You'd think the child was starved for attention from the way he screams and shouts around his parents. We've been starving for reliable staff at the hotel lately.
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starve for someone or something

Fig. to have a strong desire or need for someone or something. (Based on starved for some food.) I am starved for Jane. I miss her so! Claire was starved for affection.
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starve for

To cause someone or something to suffer from lack of something. Used in the passive: The dog was starved for attention.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 1 (ANI): Taking suo motu cognizance of the media report titled "starved for dowry, woman dies at 20 kg", the National Commission for Women (NCW) has issued a letter to the DG Police and the Kerala Police Chief to take strict and immediate action in the case.
"The National Commission for Women has come across a media report captioned "Starved for dowry, woman dies at 20 kg" appeared in several national dailies dated April 1, 2019 wherein it has been reported that a 27-year-old woman was starved to death for over two years by her husband and in-laws, as her parents were unable to pay 2 lakh dowry they had demanded," NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma said in a letter to Loknath Behera, DGP and Kerala State Police Chief.
In this study starvation cycle (rats were starved for two days and then were fed for one day) was used.
In this study, starvation cycle (rats were starved for two days and then were fed for one day) was used.
Newly emerged parasitoids were placed in male-female pairs in a clear glass tube (8.0 cm in length, 1.2 cm in diameter) and were starved for 6 h (an optimal duration of starvation) (Zang and Liu, 2009) before the parasitoids were introduced for observations.
sophia that were starved for 6 h after emergence and newly emerged without starvation.
Table 1: Time spent (s, meanSE) for different feeding activities on the first host encountered (Bemisia tabaci) by Encarsia sophia without starvation and starved for 6 h before release
Also, this scenario -- plants being starved for nitrogen -- holds true when you mix a load of high-carbon, organic material into the soil.
The fed group was starved for 24 h before blood sampling.
Furthermore, in olive flounder starved for 8 weeks, Cho (2009) reported a linear decrease in plasma total protein with a week of starvation; he obtained the following relationship between plasma total protein and starvation: Y (total protein) = -0.13X (week of starvation)+1.54, [R.sup.2] = 0.979.
But when addicts stop taking cocaine, the receptor looss can leave them temporarily starved for dopamine and craving the drug, Volkow suggests, noting that most relapses occur during the first weeks of treatment.
Echoing similar views, Richards, who was also head coach for Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise Quetta Gladiators, said that the reception they got to see when they came to Lahore for the finals clearly depicted how much the crowds are starved for international cricket.
"We came here for the PSL final [staged in Lahore in March this year] and the reception we got to see from the people shows how much they are starved for international cricket.We have to find ways of restoring international cricket in Pakistan in a big way.
In the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, there was significantly more cortisol in animals starved for 1 to 3 wks than in fed fish, but at 4 wks, there was no difference between the two groups (Sumpter et al., 1991).