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feed a cold, starve a fever

Antiquated advice that suggests that someone with a cold should eat, while someone with a fever should fast. Most health experts now agree that "starving" is not the right course for either malady. My grandmother always said "feed a cold, starve a fever," but it's best to stay properly nourished even when you have a high temperature.
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be starving

To be very hungry. Mom, I'm starving! Is dinner almost ready?
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starve for (something)

To have an intense need or longing for something; to be deprived of something. You'd think the child was starved for attention from the way he screams and shouts around his parents. We've been starving for reliable staff at the hotel lately.
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starve (someone or something) of (something)

To withhold some commodity or resource from someone or something to the detriment of that person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. The authoritarian government has been accused of starving its citizens of essential services in order to maximize how much money can be invested in its military. The hotel has been starved of short-term staff ever since the local college closed. The president, unable to ban the clinics due to the constitution, has instead opted to starve them of funds and impose intense restrictions on how they are allowed to operate.
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starve (someone or something) out

To deprive someone or something of food in order to force them to submit or surrender. The terrorists have indicated that they will not leave the building peacefully, so police are planning to simply starve them out. The empire's army began starving the rebel city out, its siege lasting nearly three months.
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starving for (something)

Having an intense hunger and craving for a particular kind of food. I hope our food comes out soon—I'm absolutely starving for a big, juicy steak! I've been on a diet for two weeks now, and I am starving for something sugary.
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starve (one) into (something)

To starve one of food in order to force one to undergo something or perform some task. The secret police starved the prisoner into confessing. The army laid siege to the walled city, eventually starving it into submission.
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starve (one) out of (something or some place)

To deprive one of food in order to force one to exit or flee some place. Rather than risking their officers in a gun fight, the police decided to simply starve the criminals out of the building in which they had barricaded themselves. The empire's army began starving the rebels out of the contested city with a siege that lasted nearly three months.
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Feed a cold and starve a fever.

Prov. You should feed someone who has a cold, and withhold food from someone who has a fever.; (or, interpreted differently) If you feed someone who has a cold, that will ward off a fever. Jill: I don't feel like going out to lunch with you. I have a cold. Jane: All the more reason you should get something to eat. Feed a cold and starve a fever, you know.
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starve for some food

to be very hungry for something. I am just starved for some fresh peaches. We were starved for dinner by the time we finally got to eat.
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starve for someone or something

Fig. to have a strong desire or need for someone or something. (Based on starved for some food.) I am starved for Jane. I miss her so! Claire was starved for affection.
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starve (someone or an animal) into something

to force someone or an animal to do something by starvation. The torturers finally starved the prisoner into telling the battle plans. They starved the water buffalo into a state of weakness.
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starve (someone or an animal) out of some place

 and starve someone or an animal out
to force a living creature to come out of a hiding place or a place of security by starvation. The attackers tried to starve the people out of the walled city. We tried to starve out the mice.
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be ˈstarving (for something)

(also be ˈstarved especially American English ) (informal) feel very hungry: When’s dinner? I’m starving!
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starve for

To cause someone or something to suffer from lack of something. Used in the passive: The dog was starved for attention.
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starve of

To deprive someone or something of some resource, resulting in its depletion: Doctors tried to destroy the cancerous cells by starving them of oxygen. The agency has been starved of money by people in Congress who oppose it.
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starve out

To force someone or something to surrender by depriving them of food, as in a siege: The police starved out the criminals, who had refused to leave their apartment. If they refuse to surrender the garrison, we'll just starve them out.
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Trolley Tours include stops at the Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center, the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center and include a quick trip through downtown Utica.
"Starved Rock and Matthiessen state parks are gems for the Illinois Valley and the state," said State Sen.
Moreover, another study showed diabetic and starved rats have an imbalance in antioxidant enzyme activities but insulin treatment in diabetic rats and refeeding in starved rat could improve antioxidant enzyme abnormalities (Asayama et al., 1989).
Newly emerged parasitoids were placed in male-female pairs in a clear glass tube (8.0 cm in length, 1.2 cm in diameter) and were starved for 6 h (an optimal duration of starvation) (Zang and Liu, 2009) before the parasitoids were introduced for observations.
"The infection that brought about Khyra's death was one that was caused, and wholly caused, as a result of one thing - for months, quite literally months, she had been starved, and starved quite deliberately."
She lost almost six stones in weight, and her body was so starved of sugar it began to eat into its own reserve of fat, the inquest in South Shields heard.
The 26-year-old's body was so starved of sugar it began to eat into its own reserve of fat.
Summary: A seven-year-old girl allegedly starved to death by her mother looked like a concentration camp inmate, a court heard.
Longo of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles injected mice with human cancer cells and later starved one group of animals for 48 or 60 hours.
Nakamura did not provide the man with sufficient food and he starved to death in January 2004, according to the ruling.
of beggars, and the mind that for years had starved
Many colonists starved to death, died from diseases, or were killed fighting Indians.
THE wife of Terry Rodg-ers, who starved himself to death while on remand for killing their daughter, said he was a violent bully who took "the coward's way out".
Starved of new sediments and flooded by tides, the inner areas become constantly submerged.