starve (someone or something) of (something)

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starve (someone or something) of (something)

To withhold some commodity or resource from someone or something to the detriment of that person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. The authoritarian government has been accused of starving its citizens of essential services in order to maximize how much money can be invested in its military. The hotel has been starved of short-term staff ever since the local college closed. The president, unable to ban the clinics due to the constitution, has instead opted to starve them of funds and impose intense restrictions on how they are allowed to operate.
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starve of

To deprive someone or something of some resource, resulting in its depletion: Doctors tried to destroy the cancerous cells by starving them of oxygen. The agency has been starved of money by people in Congress who oppose it.
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sorts/a sort
1. Of a mediocre or inferior kind: a constitutional government of a sort.
2. Of one kind or another: knew many folktales of sorts.
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Yarov recounts how some parents ate their children's meager rations or decided to starve one child to feed the rest, while other parents starved themselves to save their children.
To starve one to death or to hasten death by withdrawing even ordinary means, even with the best of intentions, is tantamount to euthanasia!
It was the start of a vicious eating disorder, where she would starve one day, but wolf down cheese, chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger the next, before throwing it all up.
"They will starve one day and next day eat and binge, and that really takes a toll on their health," Jain said on the sidelines of the inauguration of the first Diet Mantra Clinic, a wellness clinic in Kolkata.
And with each act, I've come to see, we starve one another and ourselves.
The company wants to look at a batch of orders and "test" the system before it releases that batch for picking to make sure it doesn't starve one area and overload another.