start with

start (off) with someone or something

to begin a task or a process with someone or something. I will start off with one volunteer and then add others as we go along. I will start off with one hot dog and get another later if I want it.
See also: start
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Outlook: The Lakers have to get off to a fast start with 15 of their first 20 games at home.
Secure shredding firms who start with either exclusively a plant-based or a mobile truck-based business model will certainly be tempted to "negative sell" against the other business model as they seek to gain customers and build market share.
Hip Flexion (Photo 1): Start with the leg in the extended position.
Hip Extension (Photo 2): Start with the hips in the flexed position.
Abduction (Photo 3): Start with the legs close together, and then widen them beyond the mid-line of the body as far as possible, with the resistance being applied to the outer hip/thigh areas.
Adduction (Photo 4): Start with the legs in the widest position possible, and then bring them toward the mid-line of the body, with the resistance being applied to the inner thigh region.
Leg Extension (Photo 5): Start with legs in the flexed position and then extend them to a position just short of lockout.
Leg Curl (Photo 6): Start with the legs in the extended position and then curl them to the fully flexed position.
We are very pleased to announce the formation of stART with Exeter as our partner," said David J.
Caution turned to concern when Brown left his June 17 start with a strained groin, then 16 days later suffered the abdominal strain while running the bases.
We applaud PeopleSoft for enhancing the functionality of Rapid Start with its latest release.
We've got a good customer base, and with The Right Start with us, we have no competition any more.
Baldwin was scratched from his Wednesday start with a strained oblique muscle in his left side.