set tongues wagging

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set tongues (a-)wagging

To be a source of gossip or idle speculation. Just when the dust of his previous scandal had begun to settle, the governor committed a new faux pas to set tongues a-wagging across the country. Being such a media celebrity means that anything one does, no matter how banal, is enough to set tongues wagging.
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set tongues (a)wagging

Fig. to cause people to start gossiping. The affair between the boss and her accountant set tongues a wagging. If you don't get the lawn mowed soon, you will set tongues wagging in the neighborhood.
See also: set, tongue, wag

set tongues wagging

If something that you do or say sets tongues wagging, it makes people talk about you. The pop singer set tongues wagging by arriving with a mystery man. Note: You can also say that something starts tongues wagging or that tongues start wagging. Tongues started wagging when Claudia moved from her native Germany to Monaco earlier this year. Note: If people are talking about someone, you can say tongues are wagging. They spent an evening together at his Knightsbridge flat. He said they played cards but added: `No doubt tongues will be wagging.'
See also: set, tongue, wag
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And yesterday, in a gesture set to start tongues wagging, Prince William accepted a babygro from a wellwisher during a walkabout and declared: "I'll keep that.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking a simple concept with huge consumer appeal, Pulse Mobile has landed a major deal with Japan's KDDI Corporation that should start tongues wagging -- literally.
This disclosure will no doubt start tongues wagging.
The country doctor is certain to start tongues wagging in sleepy Tannochbrae when he decides to go skinny dipping - and there's a flash of Finlay's naked bum on the screen