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(one's) start

The beginning point of or first opportunity in one's career. Often followed by "in (something)." I got my start in publishing as an editorial assistant, and I just kept climbing the ranks from there. My father's friend was a senator when I was in college, she gave me my start in politics.
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1. and *jump(start) battery power to help start someone's car, etc. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) My car is stalled. I need to get a start. I got my car going. I got a jump from John.
2. help in beginning one's career; a first opportunity in the beginning of one's career. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a start in show business in Cincinnati. She had a start when she was only four.

start something

to start a fight or an argument. (Something can be replaced by anything or nothing with the negative.) Hey, you! Better be careful unless you want to start something. I don't want to start anything. I'm just leaving.
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/light/build a fire under Slang
To urge or goad to action.
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Looking smart Liam Jack Hallyburton got started at Balfron Primary
The 28-year-old winger started the campaign with four assists in six games, but he has created only one other goal in 10 appearances since - and has yet to score this term.Benitez, however, has retained faith in the Scotland international, despite Ritchie's poor recent form, with the winger having played 1,377 minutes in the top flight this season, 207 more than any other Magpie.
KERRY Jack Barry (8 apps, 7 starts), Jack Savage (8 apps, 7 starts), Ronan Shanahan (right, 7 apps, 7 starts), Kevin McCarthy (6 apps, 6 starts), Adrian Spillane (5 apps, 3 starts), Jason Foley (2 apps, 2 starts).
In this study, I use data from Wake County, North Carolina, to examine how start times affect the performance of middle school students on standardized tests.
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If you wish you can send any categorization decisions you make to the Handy Start Menu database to improve the experience for other people.
START will accept only people who have a CD4 count above 500.
Because the heater doesn't start, most operators assume it's defective and turn it in for repair.
Whether in-plant systems bring added hassles or solve existing ones, they start becoming a necessity for many companies who have built a critical mass of business that becomes increasingly difficult to service on-site.
I start by setting the poles about halfway down to the target, slightly to the right of center for right-hand throwers and opposite for lefties to develop the curve ball.
In some ways music is, in itself, very cyclical; things return, come back, go away for a while, start to come back.
Many people make this mistake when they start taiji.
CHRIS HACKETT (Oxford, pounds 20,000) 1 start, 1 sub.