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Optimistic and idealistic. The term often implies that one is naïve. Out here in Hollywood, we get starry-eyed dreamers by the busload! We were all starry-eyed in our 20s. But by the time we got to our 30s, we were a lot wiser—and happier, too, I think.
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ith n she claims ws as The Fassbender gives it his all, but this remains best viewed as a starry curiosity - and none come more curious than Cameron Diaz's catmad criminal Malkina, with her fondness for unlikely monologues.
Starry River of the Sky is the unabridged audiobook rendition of Grace Lin's companion novel to her Newbery Honor-winning book "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon".
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I've run into compatibility problems while trying to use the Starry Night BlueStar Telescope Adapter (March issue, page 76) with some combinations of hardware and software.