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Mr Stares is encouraged by the initial contact he has had with the Labour leadership at Liverpool City Council.
The larger room contained a Lindgren/ETS double steel-walled, electromagnetically and acoustically shielded chamber and two computers used to record EDA and control the random assignment of stare and no-stare trials.
Be great at your job and the stares will stop and the respect will come.
But the boys in this crowd are the sort of boys who are still afraid of girls, and they do not want to be near Jasmine, they only want to stare at her--long, hard, and lovingly.
In October 2003, ministers of defense and foreign affairs representing the 34 member countries of the Organization of American Stares acknowledged the importance of wise environmental management for improved security throughout the Americas.
The required shape of in-line control valve bodies runs a fluid through two 90-degree turns that inevitably make for pressure losses and limit the valve's flow capacity, Stares said.
He's a CG (Creepy Guy), and you should take Bill's advice not to put up with his crude stares and comments.
An employee who stares at a coworker may violate bans on gender-based harassment in the workplace, California's First District Court of Appeal has ruled.
Each fragment of Venous Flow was a jewel that simultaneously evoked absence and presence: the image of a woman's face as she recounts her lover's death; a pregnant dancer under the moving clouds of a blue sky; an old man's fruitless attempts to play a toy piano that is continually pulled away from him; a woman who stares at the audience to say boldly, "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
He stares and stares at the vacant shell which stares back at him, meaningless as a literal fact.
The longer one stares at these sculptures, the more their seeming craft and construction begins, crucially, subtly, to acknowledge itself and fall apart.
In a bid to promote the use of poverty maps by United Nations (UN) member stares and organizations as well as nongovernmental organizations--particularly in the areas of food security and environmental management--the government of Norway has funded the Poverty Mapping initiative, which is run by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the Arendal (Norway) office of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)/Global Resource Information Database (GRID), and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.