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I'm sure that whilst researching their book many commuters might have classed them as The Starer!
However, strategies to mitigate surface runoff sediment and nutrient transport appear to do little to reduce nitrate leaching losses from Coastal Plain cropland (Starer et al.
Starer. "Care of the Nursing Home Patient." New England Journal of Medicine 321, no.
Starer spends about half his time at the Virginia Beach, Va., headquarters of Computer Dynamics Inc.
Back at home, this visual power is diminished; he becomes, in fact, not the starer but the gazed upon.
Furthermore, with the exception of one study (Thalbourne & Evans, 1992), there have been no distinctions drawn between the experience of the role of the starer (i.e., staring at someone remotely and watching the person turn around) and the role of the staree (i.e., feeling the remote stare of another and turning around) in order to see if one role is experienced more frequently than the other.
Otherwise a work might be said to lack richness of meaning." Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary says that "recreate" means to form anew in the imagination--to give new life or freshness." In a session, at the MTNA National Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas, Robert Starer said the composer may not be in the best position to perform his work.
Vancouver starer Aaron Sanchez retired 13 straight early in the game before Peterson got Eugene's first hit with two outs in the fifth.
(11) A note on 21 February 1965 reads: "'Yuh musta been away.' Tom Wolfe suddenly intrudes." (94) Neufeld explains that the quotation is from Wolfe's story "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn" and that "Years later, Robert Starer, Gail's life partner, set the story to music for a premier at Brooklyn College, where he served on the faculty from 1963 to 1991" (94).
The gift comprises more than 1,000 items, published music scores and parts as well as manuscripts and correspondence for seventy-five world premieres by composers including Robert Starer, Michael Sahl, and Vaclac Nelybel.
The area sample ensured full population coverage, because an estimated 20% of poor families do not have telephones in their homes (Giesbrecht, Kulp, & Starer, 1996).
"You're drawing in its most natural starer." He is also a lover of the classics in art.
Anthony Malkin, W&H Properties; Mary Ann Tighe, CBRE: Mitchell Rudin, CBRE; with raffle winners: Randi Starer, Cory Albrycht, GVA Wilhams; Richard Price, Winoker Realty; Mark Lauzon, Cushman & Wakefield.