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A while ago when I was on a bus a woman kept staring at me, so I stared back.
Through the looking glass: An investigation of extra-sensory detection of being stared at.
The man was reading a paperback when they bounced into his hip and I snapped up straight and stared directly ahead, mortified that he might think I had thrown him the nefarious package.
Every time I walked into court Black stared at me - and I stared back.
Perhaps the kitschiness of the flower arrangement as subject renders it transparent, stared at but unseen.
Granted, females are stared at, some even gossiped about.
When Passion finally swung Jasmine's chair around to face the mirror, and Jasmine stared at her newly bright hair for a long moment, Passion couldn't tell whether she loved it or hated it.
The dancers suddenly froze as she described a childhood game: Past and present became one as Li stared at the dancers' backs.
The fact that some people believe that they can tell when they are being stared at by another person, not directly in their field of vision, was first reported many years ago (Titchener, 1898), and this has been supported in subsequent research with varying incidence rates (e.
Furniss had stared at the victim and his three friends in The Oast House pub, Redditch, on November 8 last year, Worcester Crown Court heard.