stare into

stare into (something)

1. Literally, to gaze into something in an intense, prolonged, or steadfast manner. I stared into the mirror looking for new wrinkles. She stared into his eyes, telling him how much she loved him.
2. To face, confront, or be forced to deal with some uncertain, mysterious, and foreboding future outcome or development. Usually used in the continuous tense. The economist warned that we are staring into a recession far worse than the last one. The company is staring into an abyss of financial ruin, and you want to hand out year-end bonuses?
See also: stare

stare into something

to gaze fixedly into something. she just sat there, staring into space. Tom stared into the water, hoping to see a fish or maybe a turtle.
See also: stare
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According to the rules, contestants had to stare into blankly for long hours without talking, sleeping, laughing or using smartphones.
Poised between numbness and agitation, they stare into space like bit players whose roles are nonnegotiable though ambiguous.