stare at

stare at someone or something

to look fixedly at someone or something. Why are you staring at me? I was staring at the scenery behind you.
See also: stare
References in classic literature ?
He leaned back in his chair and, folding his arms across his chest, continued to stare at me squarely.
In a moment Strickland looked away and idly surveyed the ceiling, but she continued to stare at him, and now her look was quite inexplicable.
He continued to stare at the vision of what had happened in the long ago.
Meanwhile Raskolnikov, who had turned a little towards him when he answered, began suddenly staring at him again with marked curiosity, as though he had not had a good look at him yet, or as though something new had struck him; he rose from his pillow on purpose to stare at him.
The old woman continued to stare at him, but said nothing.
She couldn't help but stare at him And he just stared right back.
I can stare at it as much as I like but the car always wins.
The men who were told to stare at bosoms daily had lower blood pressure and slower resting pulse rates and also decreased their risk of coronary artery disease.
compelled to stare at a screen from which he would stare at himself
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Kuala Lumpur, December 05 (ANI): Stare at women's breasts for 10 minutes a day and increase your life span by five years, that's the conclusion of a new study.
Prefaced by a disclaimer - "More of this is true than you would believe" - The Men Who Stare At Goats constructs a deranged tale of US servicemen who are trained to become Jedi warriors, capable of rkilling the enemy with mind-power alone.
GEORGE Clooney's latest movie features Iraq-based American "super-soldiers" with incredible psychic powers, apparently giving them the ability to walk through walls, become invisible - and stare at goats until they keel over and die.
Summary: With three movies to promote at the London Film Festival, George Clooney has held a press conference for The Men Who Stare At Goats.
I stare at it And it stares back, That gargoyle on the church, I wait for it To blink or speak, That Gargoyle on the church.