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Does "[t]he Judicial Power" Entail an Autonomous Constitutional Power of Courts To Prescribe a Doctrine of Stare Decisis?
The benefits of and justifications for stare decisis are discussed in the next Part, but it is important to establish as an initial matter that stare decisis also involves serious costs, which are exacerbated by the FISA courts' secrecy and institutional context.
The exclusion of constitutional questions from horizontal stare decisis at the level of the United States Supreme Court reinforces the idea that, while vertical stare decisis functions more as a matter of principle, horizontal stare decisis is more a matter of policy.
The larger room contained a Lindgren/ETS double steel-walled, electromagnetically and acoustically shielded chamber and two computers used to record EDA and control the random assignment of stare and no-stare trials.
If the premise that supports a theory of stare decisis is that the judges have the power to bring meaning to the Constitution, then why don't today's judges have the same power to bring or give meaning to the Constitution?
In October 2003, ministers of defense and foreign affairs representing the 34 member countries of the Organization of American Stares acknowledged the importance of wise environmental management for improved security throughout the Americas.
in which the court ruled that "alleged threatening stares .
It would be expected that, if this phenomenon is genuine, then any stimulus processing or awareness of a remote stare should result in corresponding activity in the brain.
When everybody had gone he only had enough energy left to play stare you out.
ITT Exelis (NYSE:XLS) and technology solutions provider Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced on Sunday that they have teamed up to build Vigilant Stare, a manned aircraft-based Wide-Area Airborne Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) system capability.
If he was hiding in the bushes outside your house, we'd call that stalking, but having a bit of a stare in the corridor isn't really going to harm anyone.
Prefaced by a disclaimer - "More of this is true than you would believe" - The Men Who Stare At Goats constructs a deranged tale of US servicemen who are trained to become Jedi warriors, capable of rkilling the enemy with mind-power alone.
GEORGE Clooney's latest movie features Iraq-based American "super-soldiers" with incredible psychic powers, apparently giving them the ability to walk through walls, become invisible - and stare at goats until they keel over and die.