stands to reason

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stand to reason

To be a logical or reasonable conclusion or deduction. Given the pace we've been keeping so far, it stands to reason that we'll be able to finish in about three months. Well, it stood to reason that you'd come here after work, so I thought I'd surprise you.
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(it) stands to reason

it is obvious or logical.
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It stands to reason that gang members come from inner city schools; one didn't need a newspaper article to tell you that.
But, while the car market as a whole is already struggling, it stands to reason the luxury end will bear the brunt of it, especially if European governments start pouring money into their car industries.
Slinkard is capable of working," they wrote in response, "it stands to reason that she should be able to sit and answer questions under oath, as it can be no more stressful to spend another day testifying truthfully than it is for her to spend another day at the office."
In light of the many gifts of small parishes, it stands to reason that dioceses should find other ways to meet the challenges of
If a company could reclaim parts better, faster and cheaper than their competition, it naturally stands to reason one could cut overhead and increase profits, as well as having the option of offering their products to the consumer at a lower price.
It stands to reason that the increased documentation requirements will result in an even longer processing time and further delay in New York State Medicaid approval.
I feel calm and confident and I'm grateful to have this healing treatment enter my body." Our thoughts are what make us anxious, so it stands to reason that they can just as easily be used to help us relax.
Queer Cowboys by Chris Packard (Palgrave, now on sale, $12.95) We know there were cowboys who loved each other back in the Wild West days, so it stands to reason the writers of the era did too.
We may think that articles written by scholars and printed in peer-reviewed journals are more important than our own contributions to music history, but it stands to reason that our own contributions are significant.
Therefore, it stands to reason that any effective safety and health management system should include as a minimum those two elements.
It stands to reason that somebody will know the result of a stewards' decision, or the result of a photo-finish, before the result is announced to the betting public.
It stands to reason that local businesses, communities and farmers all stand to benefit.'
And it only stands to reason that radio communication in a matrix of rubble would become even tougher: A collapse compacts radio-stopping materials into a thicker, more radiopaque barrier.
For example, if employee compensation plans are designed to allow those who add value to the company to share in the value added, it stands to reason they will be more inclined to become involved in the success of the company.