stands to reason

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stand to reason

To be a logical or reasonable conclusion or deduction. Given the pace we've been keeping so far, it stands to reason that we'll be able to finish in about three months. Well, it stood to reason that you'd come here after work, so I thought I'd surprise you.
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(it) stands to reason

it is obvious or logical.
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Therefore, it stands to reason that the line organization is also responsible for safety and health.
For example, if employee compensation plans are designed to allow those who add value to the company to share in the value added, it stands to reason they will be more inclined to become involved in the success of the company.
It stands to reason that a firm with a good quality control system will be in a better position with respect to enforcement actions than a firm with a deficient system.
It stands to reason that, were they in the majority and controlling the House legislative agenda, few Democrats would be casting "conservative" votes.
Every era gets the art it needs--or deserves--and it stands to reason that a different kind of work resonates now than when the International opened four years ago.
It stands to reason then that intangible means not tangible, unable to touch, or impalpable.
As executives seek to cut out management layers and create flattened firms, it stands to reason that they would scrutinize the post that "has historically served as an intermediary between the CEO and the rest of the organization," the authors write.
So, it stands to reason that humor can also help turn our mental and spiritual struggles around.
Although it stands to reason that Lanes 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be faster than Lanes 1 and 2 because they provide a straighter path to the finish, the same will not apply to the outer lanes, where centrifugal force least affects the sprinters.
It stands to reason that unhealthy nutrition can lead to diminished brain function.
It stands to reason that the last hired will be the first fired, says Dan Schwick, director of the Lutheran Advocacy Network, which works on poverty issues.
If you look at the number of people who went through the Al Qaeda training camps, and there are literally thousands who did, it stands to reason that a certain percentage of them are in this country.
In a society seemingly at war with nature--while consequences range from ozone depletion to water pollution to pesticide-laced crops--it stands to reason that such hostilities would extend to our own bodies.
of choke area letting metal in, it stands to reason that it needs at least 1 sq in.
With so many market variables saying it's a good time to buy -- and with an imbalance of prospective buyers and available properties -- it stands to reason that sellers can capitalize by getting hefty prices for their properties.