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double standard

1. Any set of values or principles that are applied differently and unequally to two or more similar people, groups, or situations. The prime minster was accused of engaging in a double standard regarding his foreign policy, supporting extremism in countries long regarded as allies while decrying the same kind of extremism elsewhere.
2. An unwritten provision granting more sexual freedom to men than to women. The double standard that young men are encouraged to be sexually active while young women may be ostracized for it is still a hugely pervasive problem for many young people growing up today.
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gold standard

1. Literally, a monetary standard where a currency's value is defined by an existing and fixed amount of gold. There are many who believe that the country should return to the gold standard for a more secure means of issuing currency.
2. By extension, a well-established and widely accepted model or paradigm of excellence by which similar things are judged or measured. Her research methodology in the late 1960s has since become the gold standard for drug trials today.
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new standard

A newly-adopted benchmark or measure; a new way of judging something. High unemployment rates have become the new standard due to the country's economic strife.
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standard fare

A common occurrence. Smashed instruments are standard fare at a rock concert. Arguments are standard fare for the Smith family at Thanksgiving, believe me.
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1. A military member who carries the flag of their unit. The soldier marched proudly, flag in hand, as the standard-bearer of his unit.
2. The widely-accepted leader of a cause, movement, or ideology. She rose above her contemporaries to become the standard-bearer of the women's rights movement.

bog standard

slang Conventional. I just need a bog standard phone—nothing fancy.
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come up to standards

To improve someone or something enough to meet a certain requirement or expectation. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. If your intern doesn't come up to standards, expect him to be fired.
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come up to someone's standards

to meet or be equal to someone's standards or requirements. Does this ice cream come up to your standards? Ann's concert recital did not come up to her own standards.
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double standard

A set of principles establishing different provisions for one group than another; also, specifically, allowing men more sexual freedom than women. For example, She complained that her father had a double standard-her brothers were allowed to date, but she was not, even though she was older . [Mid-1900s]
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the standard bearer

COMMON The standard bearer of a group of people or a belief is a person who represents them. He saw himself as the standard bearer of the right of the party. She's become very much the standard bearer for traditional, family values. Note: A standard is a flag with badges or symbols on it, which represent a person or organization. In the past, a standard bearer was the person who led an army into battle carrying a standard.
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Witbeck, however, remains concerned about the "ambiguity" of the privacy regs and questions the extent to which these regs can be standardly adhered to in a hospital setting.
Anti-realism] is standardly used to mean the claim, about some
18) The mouse is standardly used as a model for research into human diseases; this is not only because mice have short generation times, produce large litters, and we have detailed knowledge of how to manipulate the mouse genome, but also because, in addition to sequence similarity, there is also some similarity of function between mouse genes and human genes.
Such testing is not unreasonable, since typically many of the tests are standardly obtained on at least an annual basis from most patients, said Dr.
Episodes standardly ended with the frolicking Harts under the duvet.
Market work is as standardly defined, including time on the job, but not commuting time to work.
Whereas almost all laboratories in the United Kingdom standardly test stool specimens for a variety of pathogens, ranging from Campylobacter to E.
If participants failed to return their test materials they were standardly sent two reminder letters.
Lineations derived from map patterns, aerial photos, and satellite imagery are standardly used to analyze regional fracture patterns.
And the connections between this group and the televised texts to which they attend, as charted by Harrington and Bielby, could provide models for the examination of more standardly recognised traditional texts.
In his 1757 dissertation, Of the Standard of Taste, David Hume declared beauty to be in the eye of the beholder - a formulation standardly cited in support of aesthetic relativism.
As would be anticipated, the collection of organizational data in Eastern Europe differs fundamentally from that activity in the United States, or in any jurisdiction in which certain corporate/business/organizational information must be routinely and standardly filed by law or convention.
Other rights such as reprint rights, dramatic rights, serialization and foreign rights are standardly negotiated separately within the publishing industry.
It has reached a new evolutionary plateau where the capitalization of income by division of a single, stabilized net operating income estimate by a market-derived overall rate is an undersirable oversimplification except for the most basic of properties; a plateau where the operationalization of an explicit, rigorous market study component is becoming de rigueur in the appraisal of major properties, existing or proposed; where it is fully expected that the assumptions of the income approach, based on market research, are spelled out in detail and modeled in an appropriate spreadsheet format; where the plausibility of assumptions are standardly tested using the power of the microcomputer; and where lease-by-lease analysis is a requirement.
Amyloid plaque pathology is standardly used in the diagnosis of AD so the ability of NAV4694 combined with amyloid plaque pathology may enable earlier identification of AD and improve monitoring of disease progression and interpretation of brain scan images.