stand with

stand with (one)

1. Literally, of two or more people, animals, or edifices, to stand in close proximity to one another. I stood with the rest of the applicants, making nervous chitchat while we waited to be called in for our interview. The mother elephant stood with its babies while they drank from the pool to ward off any potential predators. The fact that the historic building stands with such modern architecture only serves to highlight the antiquity of its design and structure.
2. To be or remain united (in support of or opposition to something). The president promised to stand with other leaders around the world in opposition to the brutal dictatorship that was terrorizing the Southeast Asian country. They promised to stand together with the senator in her attempts at tax reform.
See also: stand

stand with someone

to unite with someone, as in defense. Don't worry. I'll stand with you to the end. He stood with her and they faced the threat together.
See also: stand
References in classic literature ?
I shall, indeed, stand with thy mother and thee one other day, but not to-morrow.
Take some time to add camouflage to your stand with a commercial treestand skirt, natural brush or both.
If you have a ladder stand with some squeaks you just can't get rid of, carry a small vial of vegetable oil into the field and lubricate the noise-causing parts before your next hunt.