stand to lose

stand to lose (something)

1. To have a high likelihood of losing or being deprived of something. We stand to lose over half a million dollars as a result of the stock market crash. They could stand to lose the majority of their workforce due to the strike.
2. To benefit from or be able to tolerate losing or being deprived of something. (Always used after "can" or "could.") I could stand to lose a few pounds, so I think I'm going to start biking to work. A huge company like them can stand to lose a couple million in a court settlement, so I wouldn't worry too much about them.
See also: lose, stand

stand to lose something

to be likely to lose something or have it taken away. I stand to lose hundreds of dollars if I am not there on time.
See also: lose, stand
References in classic literature ?
Danny's got to win--I stand to lose a mint--I've got a ton of money covered--my own.
didn't stand to lose a farthing' through Mr Harmon's coming to life, but was quite as well satisfied as if that gentleman had been barbarously murdered, and he (Mr Inspector) had pocketed the government reward.
The strikes could result in other workers losing a day's pay and will hit businesses in the capital which stand to lose tens of millions of euro.
MORE than 40 people in Cramlington could stand to lose their jobs after a branch of Morrisons announced it faces being closed down.
Describing what Scotland's exit would mean for Wales, he told the Daily Post: "I think we stand to lose what the rest of Britain stands to lose, our ability to stand taller in the world as part of a enormously successful political union, and also our ability within Britain to look right across the piece and distribute resources.
Research by the GMB union found that one in five of their members working in the retail sector stand to lose money under new rules which came into effect in April.
FAMILIES with children stand to lose pounds 511 a year on average under tax and benefit changes coming into force from tomorrow, an analysis by a respected think tank showed.
Summary: LONDON - Europe's biggest banks stand to lose e1/420.
General secretary Dave Prentis said: "This is a terrible day for patients in London, who have found out they stand to lose nearly 1,000 health workers.
Global Banking News-3 May 2010-Irish bank's stand to lose from a potential debt restructuring in Greece(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
As state revenue continues to decline and budget shortfalls persist, I fear that cities and towns will stand to lose more in the coming fiscal year.
The credit crunch is worrying but even at the very worst the most we stand to lose are our jobs and our standard of living - not life itself.
A spokesperson for egg and chicken sellers at the bi-national market said vendors could stand to lose an estimated RD$40 million.
Heuer keeps the pages turning as he examines the many different sides of the ANWR development issue, while telling the intimate story of the caribou that stand to lose the most.