stand for

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stand for (something)

1. To accept, tolerate, permit, or endure something. Usually used in the negative. You've been insulting me all evening long and I will not stand for it any longer! Our new teacher said she won't stand for talking or fooling around in class.
2. To represent, signify, or exemplify something. The stars and stripes of our flag stand for liberty afforded to individual state governments. A: "What do your company's initials stand for?" B: "Mason, Baxter, and Aiken. They're the three founders."
3. To advocate, support, or endorse something. Our chief stands for justice for all citizens, and I have no doubt that he'll be cleared of these charges. Our country stands for freedom above all else.
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stand for something

1. to permit something; to endure something. The teacher won't stand for any whispering in class. We just can't stand for that kind of behavior.
2. to signify something. In a traffic signal, the red light stands for "stop." The abbreviation Dr. stands for "doctor."
3. to endorse or support an ideal. The mayor claims to stand for honesty in government and jobs for everyone. Every candidate for public office stands for all the good things in life.
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stand for

1. Represent, symbolize, as in The stars and stripes stands for our country. [Early 1600s]
2. Advocate, support, uphold, as in The National Writers Union stands for freedom of the press. [c. 1300] Also see stand up for.
3. Put up with, tolerate. This usage is generally in a negative context, as in Mother will not stand for rude behavior. [Late 1800s] Also see hold still for.
4. stand for something. Have some value or importance, as in She realized that appearances do stand for something. This usage dates from the mid-1800s but was preceded by stand for nothing, meaning "be worthless," dating from the late 1300s. Also see stand in for.
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stand for

1. To represent something; symbolize something: In military code, "Charlie" stands for the letter C. What does your middle initial stand for?
2. To advocate or support something: I stand for freedom of the press.
3. To tolerate something; put up with something: We will not stand for rude behavior.
4. To run in some election or for some elected office: The incumbent stood for reelection.
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Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.
As Hamilton himself said, sounding curiously modern, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.
If you stand for everyone, you stand for nothing and no one.
Enforcing the Moshi Monsters brand with its cheerful, upbeat tone and a well-worn mantra ("if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything") Wip Vernooij and Morgan Francis's film should entertain youngsters, who have already been bitten by the virtual pet bug.
Irish people will stand for nothing less than that.
But I believe if you don't stand for something, you don't stand for nothing," he added.
Olympic podiums have three levels of standing but you''ll stand for nothing less, than to behold, all of your rivals standing beaten, below you as you hold aloft your medallions of gold
It saddens me greatly that such a young man with so much to live for was taken from our grasp by a shot fired from a group of individuals who stand for nothing but the sheer thrill of killing American soldiers.
This obnoxious and unnecessary proposal is nothing like 'a new kind of counter-terrorist policing' and very much like the actions of a Third World dictatorship where civil rights stand for nothing.
They are a wholly negative party, and stand for nothing positive.
But the worst thing about all this is that we have a Lib Dem council who like typical Lib Dems, stand against everything but yet stand for nothing.
If we do, children will fall behind, and our monument will stand for nothing but an empty promise.
It is clear: If we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything.
And there are bound to be individuals inside Iraq who wish to turn the clock back and who stand for nothing and simply want to visit murder and mayhem not only on the coalition but on the Iraqi people as well.