stand back of

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stand (in) back of (someone or something)

1. Literally, to stand or position oneself to the rear of someone or something. OK, Jake, you stand back of Samantha here in line. I think that's my blind date standing awkwardly in back of the statue across the square.
2. To guarantee, ensure, or show one's steadfast support of someone or something; to show such support or guarantee for someone's or something's worth, ability, performance, etc. I'm very grateful to my husband, who always stood back of me during the inquest. If your own employees won't stand in back of your new software, how can you expect the public to adopt it?
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stand (in) back of someone or something

 and stand behind someone or something 
1. Lit. to place oneself at the rear of someone or something. Please stand behind your friends. The police told them to stand behind the fence.
2. Fig. to guarantee someone or something; to guarantee the performance or worth of someone or something. I will stand back of Elaine. I trust her totally. The manufacturer stands behind this product.
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