stand at

stand at (something)

1. Literally, to occupy some position or be at some location while standing. A man was standing at the side of the road with a sign reading, "The End Is Nigh!" The teacher stood at the front of the class lecturing us about our poor test results. The security guard stood at the door to keep anyone from entering the building.
2. To remain in some condition or state. I stood at attention the whole time the president was speaking. Our troops are standing at the ready—we're just awaiting your signal, captain.
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stand at something

1. to stand in front of something; to stand in the vicinity of something. I stood at the window, watching the traffic. Tom stood at the door, counting people as they came in.
2. to stand or remain in a particular state, such as attention or readiness. The troops stood at attention for a very long time. The entire platoon is standing at readiness, awaiting further orders.
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Now eight districts had agreed to call upon him: if two refused to do so, Snetkov might decline to stand at all; and then the old party might choose another of their party, which would throw them completely out in their reckoning.
The article, headlined "EFL: Fans back 'stand up for choice' campaign" does not mention the Black Cats at all, let alone their views on the matter, but they are long-standing supporters of the right for supporters to stand at matches, andowner Stewart Donaldand executive director Charlie Methven have taken a very fan-friendly stance since buying the club for [pounds sterling]40m in May.
It does, though, means Sunderland fans will be able to stand at many away games next season.
The CTP team headed by DSP Traffic Arif Butt took action against illegal Tractor-Wagon stand at Kasur Road, however, the road safety squad had also taken action against encroachments at Lorry stand, Bund Road, Niazi Shaheed Chowk and Saghian Chowk.
The response was emphatic, with 99% of those polled saying they agreed with the principle of fans being given the chance to choose whether to sit or stand at games.
Other findings included: | 65% of people would themselves prefer to stand at a game | 61% of fans preferring to sit think fans should be given the choice of whether to sit or stand.
CARDIFF and Swansea City supporters have backed growing calls for football fans to be allowed to stand at matches.
So, I am left with the only option of leaving the stand at the base of the tree when I am not hunting it.
A doe wandered right under the stand at first light, then things got quiet.
Try your tree stand at ground level before you risk a higher position.
You can stand at a top flight rugby league or union fixture, for example.
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