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soften (one's or someone's) stance (on something)

1. To become less severe, strict, or inflexible in one's position or beliefs (regarding something). Our dad always said he would never let us have our own phones, but he softened his stance when my sister and I started high school. The senator has indicated that she may be softening her stance on the issue of tax reform.
2. To cause someone else to become less severe, strict, or inflexible in their position or beliefs (regarding something). I've been trying to soften the boss's stance on giving paid parental leave to all new employees. The government was originally adamant in their position on the controversial issue, but the continual protests around the country seem to be softening their stance.
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soften one's stance (on someone or something)

Fig. to reduce the severity of one's position regarding someone or something. If he would soften his stance on the matter, I could easily become more cooperative.
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The truth is that rising above stirring up wounds is the stance that should be rejected, since the history of this region of the world abounds with wounds that have yet to be treated and to heal, and that thus threaten to fester and become infected once again.
(2) In such matters, one's "stance" or favoring can play a role in grounding reasons, at least if we suppose that the attitude is based on an accurate descriptive understanding of what one's options are really like.
Caption: A proper stance has you leaning into the gun, body square to the target and arms straight.
In addition to recoil control, strength in a struggle and angling of the holster away from an opponent in an interview, it also provided a more stable, yet mobile stance for the shooter.
Moreover, the Ministry, in a statement, forwarded by BNA, said that Kingdom calls for supportive Arab and Islamic stance to attain "the desired momentum to have influence on the international community in order to achieve the desired reform in the manner that reinforces peace and security." (end) KUNA 201924 Oct 13NNNN
Lebanon is experiencing domestic political division over the situation in Syria, in which the Arab stance should play a role in the calculations of how to express this stance in the Security Council.
Our research shows that each supervisor was aware of the various practices that she engaged in that reflected her particular stance. The three supervisors were able to enact their stances in practice to differing degrees, due to factors such as time available for supervision, student learning needs, the university's expectation of supervisors, and prior supervising experience.
All that we have reached with Olmert's government, we presented to them, and therefore the Israeli side has to say their stance."
Defenders are in a three-point stance with their inside hand on the ground and their outside foot back.
Donaldson, 74 surprised many chief executives with his unexpectedly tough stances. Although a Republican, he often backed the SEC regulatory staff on controversial interpretations and enforcement issues and sometimes sided with the two Democrats on the board.
She developed the transactional reading theory that suggests readers read on a continuum, oscillating between two stances: the efferent stance concerned with what the reader takes away from a reading and the aesthetic stance representing the evocation of the literary experience.
conventional ethylene glycol based antifreeze." He insisted that there was no intent "to alienate the hunting and outdoorsman community," since the company was unaware that "the AHA has apparently taken some active stances against certain rights of hunters." But after learning about it, he said, "we have made a decision to sever our sponsorship with the AHA."
There is a great deal of controversy regarding the old topic of shooting stances for defensive handgunning.
The stances on gay issues of the major Christian churches in the U.S.