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soften (one's or someone's) stance (on something)

1. To become less severe, strict, or inflexible in one's position or beliefs (regarding something). Our dad always said he would never let us have our own phones, but he softened his stance when my sister and I started high school. The senator has indicated that she may be softening her stance on the issue of tax reform.
2. To cause someone else to become less severe, strict, or inflexible in their position or beliefs (regarding something). I've been trying to soften the boss's stance on giving paid parental leave to all new employees. The government was originally adamant in their position on the controversial issue, but the continual protests around the country seem to be softening their stance.
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soften one's stance (on someone or something)

Fig. to reduce the severity of one's position regarding someone or something. If he would soften his stance on the matter, I could easily become more cooperative.
See also: soften, stance
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Too wide a stance will prevent you from shifting your weight properly, playing havoc with your ability to hit your ball successfully.
After submission of Pakistani reply, ICJ would review stance of both countries and would fix the date for hearing.
Pir Hameeduddin Sialwi is highly respected among the religious circles and he said that Rana Sanaullah must clarify his stance before me.
Now, take all this information and when you have a comfortable stance you are happy with, address the target as if you are getting ready to shoot and have someone trace your feet.
Looking at the euro area in particular, the Commission is calling for a significantly more positive fiscal stance for the currency area as a whole to overcome the risk of "low growth, low inflation", and to support the monetary policy of the European Central Bank.
The search warrants were implemented at Cartimar Shopping Center, Pasay City, leading to the seizure of substantial quantity of fake Stance items.
Statistically significant differences between the two groups were observed for all the parameters except for the stance with the foot position familiar to the dancers.
The Cooper stance we are familiar with was partly adopted due to an elbow injury.
The Irish central bank has softened its stance in mortgage approvals as the number of approvals dropped.
Manama: Bahrain's Prime Minister Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa has highlighted the importance of a unified stance among partner states.
The Yemeni President has appreciated the stance of Sudan government and people in support of the stability in Yemen.
He reaffirmed the Palestinian stance which rejects all kinds of settlements, especially in Jerusalem, noting that Palestine would not change this stance, WAFA said.
The largest political party in the country VMRO-DPMNE officially shared its stance that it is open for negotiations with other parties in relation to the change of the electoral model.
She added that she rejected the offer based on her national stances which oppose any intervention in Syria's sovereignty, moreover, the program presenter is well known for her negative stance towards the crisis in Syria.