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stampede in(to some place)

[for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly into a place, as if in panic. The shoppers stampeded into the store the minute the doors opened. The doors opened and the shoppers stampeded in.
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stampede out of

some place [for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly out of a place, as if in panic. The patrons stampeded out of the smoky theater. The cattle stampeded out of the corral.
See also: of, out, stampede

stampede someone or something into something

to cause people or other creatures to move rapidly into a place, in panic or as if in panic. The loud noises stampeded the crowd into the parking lot across from the stadium. The cowboys stampeded the cattle into the corral.
See also: stampede
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Some stampeders covered a total of 2,500 miles through the pass on foot.
On July 28, 1997, Stampeder announced that it had entered into an agreement with Gulf Canada Resources Limited pursuant to which Gulf will make a friendly take-over bid for all of the common shares of Stampeder on the basis of 0.
Stampeder spent approximately $43,611,000 on exploration and development in the first quarter of 1997, including expenditures related to the drilling of 70 (53.
Stampeder continued to maintain its oil focus in 1996 with crude oil contributing 77 percent of its average daily production.
The completion of the Ballistic Energy acquisition and the subsequent sale to the royalty trust had the result of adding exploration potential in southern Saskatchewan and 3,000 boe/d of light oil production from two core areas" said Jeff Tonken, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stampeder.
We were filming the three-part series Operation Gold Rush for BBC History and, setting out from Skagway, we had intended to follow as closely as possible the route taken by the original 1898 stampeders.
FCL also has Game Day Approved products with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Edmonton Eskimos, and Calgary Stampeders.
Supported by Andy and a core of musicians from his community choir, Open Voices, (who not only sang, but also boosted our sound with guitar, drumkit, banjo, shaker, tambourine, and keyboard) we learned to sing--in harmony--Tegan and Sara's Closer and Sweet City Woman by the Stampeders.
The company has collected testimonials from Olympic-caliber and professional athletes like the Canadian Football League's Nik Lewis, a 10-year veteran wide receiver with the Calgary Stampeders, and Miami Heat superstar Lebron James.
He spent a year on the practice squad of the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League and signed briefly with the Lincoln (Neb.
Recommendations from Mallett led to Cobi Hamilton (Cincinnati Bengals), Ross Rasner (Denver Broncos) and Marken Carter (Calgary Stampeders of the CFL) hiring Carroll.
This list also includes the Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders.
If you're shopping for those Kansas City Monarchs or Calgary Stampeders items, this is the place to look.
He's also planning an epic journey to Canada and the US retracing the route that the Welsh stampeders took to the Klondike Gold fields in the 1890s.