stampede in

stampede in (something)

1. To rush in(to some place) all at once and in, or as if in, a wild panic. A great mass of people stampeded in the department store at the crack of dawn to avail of their Black Friday sales. I opened the gates to the barn and all the cows stampeded in.
2. To stampede due to some particular catalyst or reason. The herd began stampeding in fear after the loud explosion went off. The crowd of protesters stampeded in panic after the police began firing tear gas at them.
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stampede in(to some place)

[for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly into a place, as if in panic. The shoppers stampeded into the store the minute the doors opened. The doors opened and the shoppers stampeded in.
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The post Stampede in Madagascar crowd kills 15 and wounds 75 appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Summary: Caracas [Venezuela], June 17 (ANI): As many as 17 people, including eight minors, have been killed in a stampede in a nightclub in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, confirmed the officials.
DHAKA -- At least nine people were killed on Monday in a stampede in Bangladesh's Chattagram district, 242 km southeast of capital Dhaka.
New Delhi: An inquiry report on the September 29 Elphinstone bridge stampede in Mumbai that killed 23 people has blamed heavy rain, confusion and the resulting panic for the tragedy, officials said on Wednesday.
The is not the first time a stampede in China turned deadly.
That's just part of the fun that awaits you when you visit the Calgary Stampede in Canada with Barrhead Travel.
Hasni died along with more than 2,000 others during the stampede in Mecca during the pilgrimage.
"I really wanted to participate in Stampede in aid of my sister and the British Heart Foundation as their research into heart illness has kept our family together."
ISLAMABAD, Oct 5 (KUNA) -- Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs confirmed on Monday that at least 76 Pakistani pilgrims died in the September 24 stampede in Mina during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
Some 769 Muslim pilgrims were killed and over 900 injured in the stampede in Mina near Mecca, according to Saudi Arabia, though unofficial figures estimate the number of deaths at 1,200.
ARAB NEWS MAKKAH: Health Minister Khalid Al-Falih on Saturday said the number of pilgrims who died in Thursday's stampede in Mina has risen to 769.
Some 270 died in a stampede during the stoning ritual in 1994 and in 1990 a stampede in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel in Mecca killed 1,426.
The Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah has confirmed that one local Filipino pilgrim died in the stampede in Mecca, Foreign Assistant Secretary Charles Jose said in a statement sent to reporters via text message.
The stampede was the deadliest disaster at the hajj since 2006, when more than 360 pilgrims were killed in a stampede in the same area.
1990: The worst hajj-related tragedy claims the lives of 1,426 pilgrims in a stampede in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel leading to holy sites in Mecca.