stampede in

stampede in (something)

1. To rush in(to some place) all at once and in, or as if in, a wild panic. A great mass of people stampeded in the department store at the crack of dawn to avail of their Black Friday sales. I opened the gates to the barn and all the cows stampeded in.
2. To stampede due to some particular catalyst or reason. The herd began stampeding in fear after the loud explosion went off. The crowd of protesters stampeded in panic after the police began firing tear gas at them.
See also: stampede

stampede in(to some place)

[for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly into a place, as if in panic. The shoppers stampeded into the store the minute the doors opened. The doors opened and the shoppers stampeded in.
See also: stampede
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The is not the first time a stampede in China turned deadly.
That's just part of the fun that awaits you when you visit the Calgary Stampede in Canada with Barrhead Travel.
1990 July 2: A huge stampede in a tunnel at Mina after a failure in its ventilation system kills 1,426 pilgrims, mainly from Asia.
Since that time, Treaty 7 has been included in the Stampede in a variety of ways such as the Indian Village, parade marshalls, and the crowning of an Indian Princess.
We provided a firm financing commitment to Stampede in two weeks and closed all-cash shortly thereafter on the terms originally proposed.
IMAGINE experiencing the sheer excitement of one of the world's biggest outdoor events, the Calgary Stampede in Canada.
The lithograph version continued to be used from 1923 until 1929 and appeared again as letterhead for the Calgary Stampede in 1931.
The largest production ever undertaken by the Stampede, TAILS is told through the eyes of three horses and their journey to the first Stampede in 1912, representing the three key elements of the Stampede: First Nations, agriculture and ranching, and the cowboy.
It was Lancaster's first win over the Stampede in 12 attempts dating back to April 15.
On Saturday, they lost their 15th consecutive road game - and 18th of 20 overall - 10-5 to the San Bernardino Stampede in front of 3,041 at San Bernardino Stadium.
On Friday night, a 6-5 loss to the San Bernardino Stampede in front of 2,037 at San Bernardino Stadium extended the JetHawks' streak to eight games.
The JetHawks had lost their six previous games against the Stampede in San Bernardino.