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stampede in(to some place)

[for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly into a place, as if in panic. The shoppers stampeded into the store the minute the doors opened. The doors opened and the shoppers stampeded in.
See also: stampede

stampede out of

some place [for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly out of a place, as if in panic. The patrons stampeded out of the smoky theater. The cattle stampeded out of the corral.
See also: of, out, stampede

stampede someone or something into something

to cause people or other creatures to move rapidly into a place, in panic or as if in panic. The loud noises stampeded the crowd into the parking lot across from the stadium. The cowboys stampeded the cattle into the corral.
See also: stampede
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The is not the first time a stampede in China turned deadly.
There were no cameras at the site in Mina where last year's stampede occurred.
January 2011: More than 100 die in a stampede during a temple festival in Kerala state.
It's the perfect way of ensuring you experience the best of the Stampede.
This year will also see the first ever Mini Stampede for five to 15-yearolds, which will take place on the Saturday after the Stampede has set off.
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced the formation of an inquiry commission, and said that action would be taken within fifteen days of the submission of the report on the stampede.
Kurt Kadatz, director of corporate communications with the Calgary Stampede, says the organization has no record of being contacted by Fromhold or the Mountain Cree, whether by letter or by telephone.
Jappy" Rodgers, a Cochrane-area rancher who provided the Stampede with saddle-horses and helped on the grounds co-ordinating stock after rodeo events.
22 stampede, lawmakers from the opposition Sam Rainsy Party called for resignations of certain government members.
The last-minute change in the platform resulted in the stampede.
s dedicated Net Lease Group (AG Net Lease) announced that it acquired the headquarters and principal processing and distribution facility of Stampede Meat, Inc.
The singer and actress has signed on as spokeswoman for Stampede Light Plus, a beer made by the Stampede Brewing Co.
There is a complex relationship between the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede (Stampede) and the City of Calgary.
BUILDER AV, A NEW MARKETING PROGRAM from Stampede Presentation Products of Buffalo, N.
AT least 150 people were killed when thousands of Hindus panicked during a religious procession in India today, triggering a stampede.