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stampede in(to some place)

[for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly into a place, as if in panic. The shoppers stampeded into the store the minute the doors opened. The doors opened and the shoppers stampeded in.
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stampede out of

some place [for a crowd of people or other creatures] to move rapidly out of a place, as if in panic. The patrons stampeded out of the smoky theater. The cattle stampeded out of the corral.
See also: of, out, stampede

stampede someone or something into something

to cause people or other creatures to move rapidly into a place, in panic or as if in panic. The loud noises stampeded the crowd into the parking lot across from the stadium. The cowboys stampeded the cattle into the corral.
See also: stampede
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Including two days of the best entertainment and events at Stampede Park, you'll also receive a prime ticket for the Stampede rodeo, and an evening show ticket which features the famed cowboy wagon race.
RELATED STORY: Thursday's stampede second worst tragedy at Haj
It is hoped that Newcastle Stampede will raise a vital contribution of PS140,000 for research into heart disease.
Stampede consists of Green Canyon Blocks 468, 511 and 512.
Stream TV CEO Mathu Rajan added, "We are excited that Stampede will be presenting Ultra-D at such a high-profile show.
Fromhold says the Mountain Cree contacted the Stampede prior to last year's 100-year celebration to make the request.
Colborn started coming to the Stampede to buy bucking horses and other stock for the World's Championship Rodeo.
Stampede has a blue-chip customer base that includes leading national restaurant chains, quick service restaurants, food service distributors, home delivery networks and grocery retailers.
A majority of those killed died due to suffocation as a result of the stampede.
No one would dispute the powerful influence of the Exhibition and Stampede (Stampede) on Calgary.
Local leader Sharad Jadhav said the stampede was caused by overcrowding, but police said it was triggered by a fire.
While locals and visitors alike enjoy putting on their Stetsons and immersing themselves in the Western theme; those taking in the Stampede can also get a glimpse of the city's Native roots.
The stampede occurred after more than 10,000 people, mostly women and children, gathered to get clothes distributed by a local businessman ahead of the Islamic Eid Al-Fitr festival next week.
The Stampede had a chance to take the lead in the eighth when former JetHawk Jamie Bubela tripled to left center off reliever Rob Shabansky with two outs.
Gift supports Calgary Stampede Foundation's Western Heritage Trail