stamp with

stamp (someone or something) with (something)

To imprint or impress some label, mark, words, or design onto someone or something. At the final stage of manufacturing process, a machine stamps the toys with the company's logo. The assessor stamped the application with the word "DENIED" in big red letters. The bouncer stamped each of us with specific symbols as we entered the club so the bartenders would know whether they could serve us drinks or not.
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stamp someone or something with something

to affix a label onto someone or something with something; to apply a particular message or symbol onto someone or something, as with a rubber stamp. Judy stamped everyone who went into the dance with a symbol that showed that each had paid admission. Mary stamped the bill with the PAID symbol.
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"I hate you--I hate you--I hate you--" a louder stamp with each assertion of hatred.
In the case of cigarette tax stamps, which had been counterfeited by unscrupulous firms, the BIR will release a new stamp with a different design also in January to replace the compromised design.
The second stamp was issued on March 22, on Water Conservation (Water) commemorative stamp with the message 'Water is life: Start Conserving It'.
The book gives detailed explanation of each stamp with complete background and pictorial display to apprise general public with the services of national heros and incidents in which connection the stamps were issued.
And the Soviet Union created an aluminum stamp with fluorescent ink in celebration of Cosmonaut's Day in 1965.
* Australia-the first country to issue Christmas stamps in 1957-also created the controversial Christmas stamp with Santa Claus riding a surfboard in 1977.
Here we look at two examples of Indian tax stamp with holograms.
You may need to get two different stamps: one to stamp wooden boxes, crates, pallets and skids, and another stamp with DUN on it to mark dunnage.
If they get a stamp with Polski on it, they know that's the Polish name for Poland.
Jennings claims convention has already been flouted after Queen drummer Roger Taylor was pictured on a stamp with late singer Freddie Mercury.
The key is to find something that will pick up color and stamp with a good texture.
The Princess was last pictured on a stamp with Prince Charles in 1981 to celebrate their wedding.
airmail stamp with the "upside-down," or inverted, bioplane.
They wanted to know how to carve them, how to design them and most importantly, how to stamp with them.