stamp with

stamp someone or something with something

to affix a label onto someone or something with something; to apply a particular message or symbol onto someone or something, as with a rubber stamp. Judy stamped everyone who went into the dance with a symbol that showed that each had paid admission. Mary stamped the bill with the PAID symbol.
See also: stamp
References in classic literature ?
I hate you--I hate you--I hate you--" a louder stamp with each assertion of hatred.
Though truly vivacious, tumultuous, ostentatious little Flask would now and then stamp with impatience; but not one added heave did he thereby give to the negro's lordly chest.
You may need to get two different stamps: one to stamp wooden boxes, crates, pallets and skids, and another stamp with DUN on it to mark dunnage.
airmail stamp with the "upside-down," or inverted, bioplane.
Laurence Seaway mint stamp with an inverted center also realized over its Scott value of $9,250 when it sold for $12,075.