stamp onto

stamp (something) onto (someone or something)

To imprint or impress some label, mark, words, or design on someone or something. At the final stage of manufacturing process, a machine stamps the company's logo onto the bottom of each toy on the assembly line. The assessor stamped the word "DENIED" in big red letters onto the person's application. The bouncer stamped symbols onto us as we entered the club so the bartenders would know whether they could serve us drinks or not.
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stamp something onto something

to affix an informative label onto something, as with a rubber stamp. she stamped her name and address onto all her books. Tom stamped his identification onto all his papers and books.
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Jan had seven months to put a stamp onto this squad and while I don't think he's been adequately supported, he has failed to galvanise, re-energise and get this team playing anything like in his own image.
The property is decorated throughout in neutral shades, making it ideal to put your own stamp onto, if desired.
For example, I always put either a first or second class stamp onto a normal letter but sometimes I upgrade to recorded delivery and pay the current extra postage of PS1.10 for the recorded part of the letter.
Wings of the Falcon was inspired by the paths and choices that children take, and each choir has been invited to put their own individual stamp onto the piece.
"Whatever we have done has been very premium and we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears and our emotional stamp onto it," Hatfield said.
After pressing the Si stamp onto the PDMS to transfer the nanoscale structure, the PDMS was baked at 80[degrees]C for 2 h with the Si stamp held in place.
In 2014, Turnberry was renamed Trump Turnberry as new owners the Trump Organization sought to put their stamp onto the property.
Born in Israel in 1951, Piamenta, who first played area weddings and bar mitzvahs while a resident of Brooklyn prior to putting his stamp onto the New York City scene, has rocked international audiences for decades with genre-blending licks from his Stratocaster and Hebrew vocals, often with his brother, Avi.
Bentley is putting its upscale stamp onto men's fragrances.
She pondered what message she might stamp onto dollar bills.
Every time we place a stamp onto an envelope, we are recreating a process that has been in use for more than 160 years.
He tells the story in his autobiography If I Was of how Bono put his stamp onto the track and says it was so poignant that it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
It is also a good idea to encourage your patients to come up with their own scenarios or to put their own personal stamp onto those that you are offering.
Derek Fraser, AlphaGary's global business manager, compares the problem to attempting to stick a stamp onto an envelope that is lying on a soft pillow.