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'But Sindh has the distinction of seeing stamps first introduced in Asia even though then it was just an embossed seal telling a certain currency had been paid to transport a letter,' he said.
Stamp duty of Rs100 for valuation and apprentice deeds has been recommended.
The collection, comprising 3 million stamps, dates back to the Postmaster General Nawab Iqbal Hussain Khan under Hyderabad's seventh and last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali.
The stamps feature the two iconic pictures of Gray after her win during the Miss Universe 2018 pageant night.
Anto described the act by ABL and Kasapreko as a serious offense, since it was not right for distributors to use companies' tax stamp and fix on the products themselves.
"A list of stamp clubs is available on the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (ASPS) web site."
The stamp will be available in the following offices: Hai al Meena office, Central Post of Salalah, Sinaw, Sur, Nizwa, Sohar, Buraimi, Ibri and Khasab.
Advocate Shahid Nawaz Buzdar told The Nation that foolscap size papers having revenue stamp of specific value such as Rs20, Rs50, Rs100 and Rs500 are important legal papers for transactions like buying, selling or renting of a property.
They chanted slogans against such in justification and while talking with journalists they said Chief Inspector, Stamp papers was not releasing low price stamp papers which has caused huge loss to them and they were sustaining lots of troubles to accomplish different legal documents and people from far and wide areas were also suffered of such acute shortage of stamp papers in the district.
An extensive collection of unique stamps and coins were on display at the Sharjah 2017 Stamp Exhibition, which began on Tuesday.
It has saved the common citizen from fraud, forgery, agent mafia, long queues in the treasury office and the banks as the duration of receiving stamp papers have been reduced from three days to fifteen minutes, which is now operative in the whole Punjab's 36 districts and 144 tehsils, he added.
It wasn't clear if the new stamp will replace the one issued in 2001 or be in addition to that stamp.
As part of the programme to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Special Stamp programme, Royal Mail today launches an online gallery of every special stamp issued since July 1965, which includes images of the memorable stamps of Wales.
Now these images and thousands more have been collected on put online by the Royal Mail to mark the 50th anniversary of the Special Stamp programme, a project launched by the then Postmaster General Tony Benn in 1965 to add some variety to the stamps we use.