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stammer something out

to manage to say something, but only haltingly. Fred stammered the words out haltingly. He stammered out the name of the winner.
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I was once ashamed of it but now I love telling people I have a stammer because I am now in control of it.
On Pop Idol, the stammer helped me get noticed and made me stand out from the crowd - it was the first time it had a positive influence on my life.
Not long after, I was at an event run by my employer, Northumbrian Water, where they showed a video of a colleague who had been supported by the company through something called the McGuire Programme, which had helped him overcome his own stammer.
Nearly 150,000 children and young people in the UK have a persistent stammer.
Hayley has no idea what triggered the stammer in the first place but she admits she stammers far more when she is with someone she feels comfortable with, probably because she doesn't have to try to hide it.
A relapse could be a week when you have been under a lot of stress and your stammer comes back.
Fisher says the FBI used investigative photos to determine that Stammer had used a fraudulent passport to enter Nepal.
All thirty-six men from England and Wales in the age group of 21 to 65 years, who were interviewed, reported routine discrimination and some admitted that they were immediately rejected at interviews because of their stammer, and others could only find jobs where they were over-qualified.
His English teacher Mr Burton had helped him overcome his stammer by telling him to wear headphones, after seeing the trick in the movie The King's Speech.
Rea notes that Stammer 's wide range of co-op experience includes government relations, milk marketing, consumer sales/marketing and plant operations.
She was so nervous about saying her vows that she drank wine beforehand so she would slur her words and mask her stammer.
The film stars Colin Firth as George VI, and reveals the true story of the United Kingdom monarch's battle to overcome a stammer after he was thrust on to the throne following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII in 1936.