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stammer something out

to manage to say something, but only haltingly. Fred stammered the words out haltingly. He stammered out the name of the winner.
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Nearly 150,000 children and young people in the UK have a persistent stammer.
Hayley has no idea what triggered the stammer in the first place but she admits she stammers far more when she is with someone she feels comfortable with, probably because she doesn't have to try to hide it.
A relapse could be a week when you have been under a lot of stress and your stammer comes back.
The result was Stammer School: Musharaf Finds His Voice, in which Mushy and four other young stammerers attend one of its privately funded, residential courses.
Authorities say a federal arrest warrant was issued in June 2000 for Stammer for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.
For the first time she said "I do" to hubby Nigel, the mum-of-two had to get tipsy so that she wouldn't stammer and "For the first time in my life I will be able to eloquently say my vows to Nigel," says the Solihull nurse.
The study by Dr Clare Butler, of Newcastle University Business School has found that people who stammer experience widespread prejudice in the jobs market and often described their workplace experiences as "mindless" or "frustrating".
His English teacher Mr Burton had helped him overcome his stammer by telling him to wear headphones, after seeing the trick in the movie The King's Speech.
He avoided talking to others, using wife Bev as a shield to hide his stammer.
Richard Stammer became the new CEO of the Agri-Mark dairy cooperative Nov.
Genetics (about 60% of those who stammer have a family member who also stammers); child development, children with other speech and language delays may be more likely to stammer; neurophysiology (recent research with brain imaging techniques show that people who stammer process speech and language differently); and family dynamics can also play a part, with high expectations and fast paced lifestyle possibly contributing to stammering.
Angie, 42, had suffered with a stammer in the same way as King George VI does in the Oscar-nominated film, The King's Speech.
The film stars Colin Firth as George VI, and reveals the true story of the United Kingdom monarch's battle to overcome a stammer after he was thrust on to the throne following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII in 1936.