stall off

stall someone or something off

to put off or delay someone or something. The sheriff is at the door. I'll stall him off while you get out the back door. You can stall off the sheriff, but you can't stall off justice.
See also: off, stall
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D'Aleo said the blocking weather pattern that should occur at times in the upcoming winter means storms can stall off the East Coast and bring prolonged bouts of snow.
Britain's former foreign secretary Jack Straw criticised the EU, and reacted the Union to stall off Turkey with pretenses.
Although I'm having trouble working out where the early pace is going to come from, he's fared well with the draw - just one stall off what is a very favourable stands' rail at this course - and jockey George Baker will be able to slot him in behind.
But the storm, which kicked up 30-foot swells in the ocean as it moved past Cape Fear, was expected to stall off the North Carolina coast and could threaten the US East Coast for several more days.
We discovered late Wednesday, after Bessie was up, May was gone and the truck was back, that Lulu had knocked the business line extension in the first stall off the hook.
It was a game effort as Dunlop had kept Orchestra Stall off since early May in the quest for softer ground.