stall for

stall someone or something for something

to delay someone or something for a period of time. I stalled him for as long as I could. I could not stall the proceedings for another second.
See also: stall
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The stalls included the student affairs stall, administration stall, books stall and stall for the studio photograph etc.
Mr Clark worked with Mr Omar for the past five years, and on the stall for the past year and a half.
He noted that illegal stall operators usually pay SR5,000 to the license owner to operate the stall for the whole month and that they make at least SR30,000 in profit.
A WELL-KNOWN Coventry market trader, who worked on her family's toy stall for almost half a century, has retired.
At trainer Richard Mandella's Hollywood Park barn, the mare Advancing Star was soothed by the companionship of the goat that shared her stall for three blissful years.
Andy Tucker, who has run the Working Street flower stall for 12 years, has certainly seen a downturn in business, as regular customers could not keep up with his stall's moves.