stall for

stall for (something)

1. To create a delay or distraction for a length of time or in order to achieve, obtain, or accomplish something. I need to you stall for a few minutes while I get the projector set up for the presentation. The boxer tried to stall for a rest by clinching his opponent.
2. To slow, falter, or stop progressing for some length or period of time. Reports are indicating that the economy will continue to stall for the third year in a row. Development on the prototype stalled for several weeks as we tried to source the materials we needed.
3. To delay or distract someone or something with evasive or prevaricating language or behavior for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "stall" and "for." I stalled the teacher for a little while so Johnny could finish writing in his answers to the quiz. Are you almost ready? I don't think I can stall the tribunal for much longer!
4. To cause something to slow, falter, or stop progressing for some length or period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "stall" and "for." The intense cold has already stalled drilling in the area for two months, and there's no end to the cold snap in sight. The senator tried stalling the vote for the day in order to make some last-minute amendments to it.
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stall someone or something for something

to delay someone or something for a period of time. I stalled him for as long as I could. I could not stall the proceedings for another second.
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She said KYD promised them that their stalls would remain in the same location and that they could purchase their stall for only $400 to $500 each, up to the number of stalls they previously owned before the company took over.
The stalls included the student affairs stall, administration stall, books stall and stall for the studio photograph etc.
Mr Clark worked with Mr Omar for the past five years, and on the stall for the past year and a half.
He noted that illegal stall operators usually pay SR5,000 to the license owner to operate the stall for the whole month and that they make at least SR30,000 in profit.
A WELL-KNOWN Coventry market trader, who worked on her family's toy stall for almost half a century, has retired.
Andy Tucker, who has run the Working Street flower stall for 12 years, has certainly seen a downturn in business, as regular customers could not keep up with his stall's moves.