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set out (one's) stall

To prove one's motivation or determination to achieve or do something by preparing to achieve or do it. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. My parents don't think I'm serious about becoming a designer, but I'm going to set out my stall by creating my first line this summer. He has certainly set out his stall to graduate first in his class, and so far he's on track to do it.
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stall for (something)

1. To create a delay or distraction for a length of time or in order to achieve, obtain, or accomplish something. I need to you stall for a few minutes while I get the projector set up for the presentation. The boxer tried to stall for a rest by clinching his opponent.
2. To slow, falter, or stop progressing for some length or period of time. Reports are indicating that the economy will continue to stall for the third year in a row. Development on the prototype stalled for several weeks as we tried to source the materials we needed.
3. To delay or distract someone or something with evasive or prevaricating language or behavior for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "stall" and "for." I stalled the teacher for a little while so Johnny could finish writing in his answers to the quiz. Are you almost ready? I don't think I can stall the tribunal for much longer!
4. To cause something to slow, falter, or stop progressing for some length or period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "stall" and "for." The intense cold has already stalled drilling in the area for two months, and there's no end to the cold snap in sight. The senator tried stalling the vote for the day in order to make some last-minute amendments to it.
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stall for time

1. To create a delay or distraction in order to gain additional time. My presentation was totally worthless without my slides, so all I could do was stall for time until Mary got the projector working again. The judge accused the prosecutor of stalling for time.
2. To delay or distract someone or something with evasive or prevaricating language or behavior in order to gain time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "stall" and "for." He kept talking to stall the criminal for time until the police arrived.
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stall off

To avoid, evade, or delay dealing with someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "stall" and "off." A: "If that's the bank manager calling me about the mortgage, tell her I'm not home." B: "You can't keep stalling her off forever, you know." I've been stalling off the investigation for nearly a week, trying to get our accounts in order before the auditor comes to look at them.
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stall for time

to cause a delay intentionally. You are just stalling for time. Please hurry. she is stalling for time, hoping someone will rescue her.
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stall someone or something for something

to delay someone or something for a period of time. I stalled him for as long as I could. I could not stall the proceedings for another second.
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stall someone or something off

to put off or delay someone or something. The sheriff is at the door. I'll stall him off while you get out the back door. You can stall off the sheriff, but you can't stall off justice.
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set out your stall

If you set out your stall you show your intentions or beliefs in a way that is very clear and determined. He has set out his stall to retain his place in Europe's Ryder Cup team. The Prime Minister last night set out his stall for a third election win.
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set out your stall

1 display or show off your abilities, attributes, or experience in order to convince someone of your suitability for something. 2 make your position on an issue very clear. British
See also: out, set, stall
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Saima Bibi, a stall holder said that it would be more better, if bazaar management selected separate places for businesswomen by allocating large size shops to them so that they could earn in more better way.
He adds that the stall has inexpensive books as well very expensive for all kinds of readers.
Failure to take immediate steps toward recovery when an accelerated stall occurs may result in a complete loss of flight control, notably, power-on spins.
How prevalent are chained street stalls or kiosks in Singapore?
As a casual trader you would be offered a stall on a risk-free, no commitment basis for up to four weeks, after which time you can apply to become a licensed trader.
There has been a fruit and vegetable stall on Wellfield Road in Roath for more than 30 years.
You've essentially got it right but for one thing: Approaches should not be flown right at the edge of (main wing) stall speed in any conditions.
And the new Defender[TM] Shooting Stall not only provides outstanding safety, it also gives range owners the freedom to make it what they want.
ANDREW REID has expressed his disappointment to the BHA over the result of a 7f handicap at Kempton on Tuesday, which he claims was affected when the stall housing his runner, Athletic, failed to function properly, writes Richard Birch.
CONSIDERED a BJP bastion, the coastal Karnataka region now boasts of a makeshift tea stall opened in honour of the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
He noted that a pilot must recover from a stall to get a private license, but only recover from nearly stalling to get a commercial pilot's certificate.
CLUES 1 Heather Bacon, who was not formerly a book-keeper, doesn't sell postcards or antique dolls on her stall.
Brian Teasdale, 61, from Great Broughton, has held the Port Pets stall at Stockton Market for three years.
My other frustration is the baby-changing tables in the accessible stall.