stake to

stake (one) to (something)

1. To lend or gift something to one, especially money. The boss offered to stake us to a fancy meal out as a thank you for all of our hard work. I can stake you a couple hundred dollars to get you started, but the rest is up to you.
2. To fasten one to something by impaling one with stakes. They staked the woman to the tree because they believed she was a witch. The tyrant staked dissenters to a post in the center of town to serve as a warning to others.
See also: stake

stake someone to something

to make a loan of something to someone. I will stake you to a hundred bucks if that will help. Jed refused to stake Tex to a loan.
See also: stake
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To prevent all the enclosed stems from gathering together, run the twine from number one stake to number three, then from stake five to stake two, and so on.
EADS, which is buying BAe's 20% stake to give it full control of Airbus, said no-one could know whether the A380 would face further hurdles.