stake off

stake something off

to mark out the boundaries of an area of land with stakes. The prospectors staked an area off for themselves. The prospectors staked off an area in which they would look for gold.
See also: off, stake
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IT'S finally arrived, and judging by the busy Welsh bookies, there'll be plenty at stake off the field as well as on it at the Championship play-off final.
Bertin of Paxton prepares to stake off more rows for planting in the college's community garden.
Although I'm only advising a back, you may want to lay your stake off in running if she trades very short with more than a furlong to run, as her stamina could give out.
There may be a lot at stake on the pitch this Saturday, but there'll be plenty at stake off it, too.
We still have it staked,'' she continues, ``and for the first months we had it, every time we took the stake off, the tree collapsed on the ground.
His latest Midland target was Leamington Spa-based industrial property company Saville Gordon, where he built up a 29 per cent stake and created such uncertainty over the company's future that it stepped in to buy the stake off him.
He tends to travel very smoothly so should go quite short during the race, in which case you should lay your initial stake off for a risk-free profit just in case there is a momentary lapse in concentration.
BT also blamed continuing stiff competition in the UK market for the fall in its profits, along with the cost of investing in the Japanese and Irish telecoms markets and the expense last year of taking complete control of BT Cellnet, buying a 40 per cent stake off Securicor for the fall in earnings.