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(Well,) I'll go to the foot of our stairs!

An expression of surprise. Primarily heard in UK. Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs—I had no idea you were planning on giving me that big award! You two are sisters? Wow, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!
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below stairs

dated In the basement or on the bottom floor of a house, which was once the floor commonly inhabited by servants. All of the servants need to be below stairs before the lord of the manor returns.
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missing stair

informal Someone in a group or community whose troublesome nature or behavior is well-known but not addressed or dealt with directly. The imagery of a broken staircase is used to highlight how people use warnings as an ineffective means of dealing with certain problems that ultimately and should be fixed. Coined by blogger Cliff Pervocracy in 2012. Those who sexually harass others will no longer be treated like missing stairs in our company. This means that instances of misconduct are to be reported to HR immediately.
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rain stair-rods

old-fashioned To rain extremely heavily. Primarily heard in UK. We've been preparing for this match for weeks, but I heard it's going to be raining stair-rods tomorrow. We were looking forward to sunny skies in Portugal, but it rained stair-rods the whole time we were there.
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staircase wit

A perfect witty remark, retort, or rejoinder that occurs to one after the fact or too late to be used. I was on the bus home long after being tongue-lashed by my boss when I thought of the perfect things to say that would take him down a few pegs. Ah, this staircase wit, it always comes to me when I can do nothing about it!
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below stairs

in the basement of a house, in particular as the part occupied by servants. British dated
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When the minute hand had recorded the lapse of five minutes more a door banged in the bedroom regions -a clear young voice was heard singing blithely -- light, rapid footsteps pattered on the upper stairs, descended with a jump to the landing, and pattered again, faster than ever, down the lower flight.
Her headlong course down the house stairs; the brisk activity of all her movements; the incessant sparkle of expression in her face; the enticing gayety which took the hearts of the quietest people by storm -- even the reckless delight in bright colors which showed itself in her brilliantly-striped morning dress, in her fluttering ribbons, in the large scarlet rosettes on her smart little shoes -- all sprang alike from the same source; from the overflowing physical health which strengthened every muscle, braced every nerve, and set the warm young blood tingling through her veins, like the blood of a growing child.
They ran from room to room unnecessarily, and lost time and patience in jostling each other on the stairs. If a stranger had entered the house that day, he might have imagined that an unexpected disaster had happened in it, instead of an unexpected necessity for a journey to London.
"With my mother up stairs. She will be down in a moment, I dare say."
After resting a few moments they resumed their climb, and still the stairs were broad and low enough for Jim to draw the buggy easily after him.
Here one side of the mountain had a great hole in it, like the mouth of a cavern, and the stairs stopped at the near edge of the floor and commenced ascending again at the opposite edge.
Was the mysterious creaking on the stairs making itself heard once more?
At the earliest possible moment after supper, Nancy crept up the back stairs and thence to the attic room.
More afraid of her husband at the moment than of the mysterious sound in the kitchen, Affery crept away as lightly and as quickly as she could, descended the kitchen stairs almost as rapidly as she had ascended them, resumed her seat before the fire, tucked up her skirt again, and finally threw her apron over her head.
Affery still remaining behind her apron, he came stumbling down the kitchen stairs, candle in hand, sidled up to her, twitched her apron off, and roused her.
Henceforth, she was never at peace in it after daylight departed; and never went up or down stairs in the dark without having her apron over her head, lest she should see something.
Liu, "Experimental study on walking preference during high-rise stair evacuation under different ground illuminations," Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, vol.
Depending on local code adoption, design of tall buildings' enclosed stair towers for egress safety is governed by at least the International Building Code (IBC), NFPA 101 Life Safety Code[R], and NFPA 92 Standard for Smoke Control Systems.
Our next-gen Stair Tool provides a creative, productive and enjoyable user experience -- the reason why architects love ARCHICAD, said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management at GRAPHISOFT.