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staircase wit

A perfect witty remark, retort, or rejoinder that occurs to one after the fact or too late to be used. I was on the bus home long after being tongue-lashed by my boss when I thought of the perfect things to say that would take him down a few pegs. Ah, this staircase wit, it always comes to me when I can do nothing about it!
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below stairs

dated In the basement or on the bottom floor of a house, which was once the floor commonly inhabited by servants. All of the servants need to be below stairs before the lord of the manor returns.
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rain stair-rods

old-fashioned To rain extremely heavily. Primarily heard in UK. We've been preparing for this match for weeks, but I heard it's going to be raining stair-rods tomorrow. We were looking forward to sunny skies in Portugal, but it rained stair-rods the whole time we were there.
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below stairs

in the basement of a house, in particular as the part occupied by servants. British dated
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References in classic literature ?
Nine o'clock struck; and the minute-hand stole on to twenty minutes past the hour, before any more footsteps were heard on the stairs.
Her eldest child, now descending the stairs by her side, was the mirror in which she could look back and see again the reflection of her own youth.
The mother and daughter slowly descended the stairs together -- the first dressed in dark brown, with an Indian shawl thrown over her shoulders; the second more simply attired in black, with a plain collar and cuffs, and a dark orange-colored ribbon over the bosom of her dress.
When the minute hand had recorded the lapse of five minutes more a door banged in the bedroom regions -a clear young voice was heard singing blithely -- light, rapid footsteps pattered on the upper stairs, descended with a jump to the landing, and pattered again, faster than ever, down the lower flight.
They ran from room to room unnecessarily, and lost time and patience in jostling each other on the stairs.
These instructions are prepared for stair treads that are approximately 12 inches in depth.
LIMBING stairs at home can be as healthy as jogging or long walks, I reported.
In this research enclosed stair towers of moderate height and with frequent daily-use were of primary interest.
Our next-gen Stair Tool provides a creative, productive and enjoyable user experience -- the reason why architects love ARCHICAD, said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management at GRAPHISOFT.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2017-IAG Advises Latham Stairs and Millwork on Sale to Concierge Renovation
The email was from a fellow who said: "I want to know if you carry portable plastic stairs for sale".
Basement doors typically swing out away from the stair.
It hired British firm StepJockey to put up signs promoting stair use, and deployed an app to help staff count calories.
Still, with a combination of thoughtful architectural planning and tasteful signage, city officials and private urban planners believe they can usher many more people away from inactivity by encouraging stair climbing.
Luk, "Aperture fed wideband circularly polarized rectangular stair shaped dielectric resonator antenna," IEEE Trans.