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shit stain

1. rude slang A stupid person. Don't listen to a fool like him, he's just a shit stain.
2. rude slang Literally, a mark left by excrement. We need to rip up these carpets—they're covered in shit stains from grandpa's dog.
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stain (something) with (something)

1. Literally, to permanently ruin or alter the color of something with the application, introduction, or interaction of some substance. I swear to God—if you stain that sofa with chocolate, you will be grounded for a week! We'll need to stain the wooded decking outside with lacquer before it rains.
2. To tarnish, besmirch, or sully something due to some action, situation, occurrence, etc. She stained her bright political career with the financial scandal. My reputation has been stained with the vile calumnies of my enemies.
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stain something with something

1. to cause a blemish or blotch on something with something. (Usually an accident.) Judy stained the carpet with some grape juice. You will stain your clothing with that food if you drop any of it.
2. to affect the coloring of something through the use of a chemical stain. (A purposeful act, much the same as painting.) Walter stained the house with a long-lasting reddish stain. We decided to stain the doors with a special varnish rather than paint them.
3. Fig. to injure or blemish someone's reputation. They stained his reputation with their charges. I don't want to do anything that would stain my reputation.
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Treat stains as soon as possible to avoid having them "set.
This study shows that it is superior to the conventionally employed HE and Pap stains for diagnosis of hydatid hooklets.
The PPG Timeless Stain transparent product lineup delivers advanced penetrating oil technology that works its way deep into the wood to beautify and protect from the inside out.
Make-up, chocolate and sweat are some of the toughest stains to remove; the best way to get rid of them is by pretreating them in the convenient sink of the Activ Dual Wash.
Their sections were stained with all three stains to demonstrate acid fast bacilli.
You must find the right solvent to properly treat the stain.
Slides put in different stains for 15 minutes and five slides colored with giemsa stain in order to compare it with the pigments used in this study.
The stock is walnut but it is very light and my dad suggested I stain it.
Three smear was stained by routine Ziehl-Neelsen method and other by fluorescence stain Auramine-Rhodamine and PAP (Papanicolaou) stain.
Sugar soap will shift nicotine stains TEN years ago I had a concrete drive laid and had Qterracotta colour integrated into the concrete.
Finally, the decrease in the cost of concrete stains has played an important role in the growth in demand for these products, particularly for DIYers, according to Camarata.
Chefs Zakir and Mehboob who also graced the occasion, spoke about the role that stains play in their day to day lives and how the fight against greasy food stains can be quite the challenge and is common across the country.
Exception: Some stains can be applied to damp wood.
1) to compare sensitivity of negative staining techniques using various stains such as malachite green, crystal violet, and methylene blue for rapid detection of oocysts of Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, and Cystoisospora;
com)-- Damien Owens, a promising app developer, is about to launch an app '911 Emergency Stain Clean' (ESC) that helps people enormously in their daily life to remove stains in a flash, and using nothing but household items.