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shit stain

1. rude slang A stupid person. Don't listen to a fool like him, he's just a shit stain.
2. rude slang Literally, a mark left by excrement. We need to rip up these carpets—they're covered in shit stains from grandpa's dog.
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stain (something) with (something)

1. Literally, to permanently ruin or alter the color of something with the application, introduction, or interaction of some substance. I swear to God—if you stain that sofa with chocolate, you will be grounded for a week! We'll need to stain the wooded decking outside with lacquer before it rains.
2. To tarnish, besmirch, or sully something due to some action, situation, occurrence, etc. She stained her bright political career with the financial scandal. My reputation has been stained with the vile calumnies of my enemies.
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stain something with something

1. to cause a blemish or blotch on something with something. (Usually an accident.) Judy stained the carpet with some grape juice. You will stain your clothing with that food if you drop any of it.
2. to affect the coloring of something through the use of a chemical stain. (A purposeful act, much the same as painting.) Walter stained the house with a long-lasting reddish stain. We decided to stain the doors with a special varnish rather than paint them.
3. Fig. to injure or blemish someone's reputation. They stained his reputation with their charges. I don't want to do anything that would stain my reputation.
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The results for comparison of washing with PBS, NS and without washing on presence of stained debris and intensity of staining of sperm have been presented in Supplementary Table S1.
The slides were stained by 10 dips in freshly prepared hematoxyline.
Lymph node biopsies from different sites including supraclavicular, cervical, axillary, right mediastinal and Submandibular were included and stained with H and E to determine the caseous or noncaseous granulomas.
Basic structures are stained with acidic stain and the acidic structures are stained with basic stain.
Three smear was stained by routine Ziehl-Neelsen method and other by fluorescence stain Auramine-Rhodamine and PAP (Papanicolaou) stain.
In the smear stained with carbol fuchsin, Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, and Cystoisospora cysts were visible to 3, 5, and 8 microbiologists, respectively.
The experimental design was completely randomized, comprising ten treatments each with three replicates: red, black and blue ink (Hero, Hamed Warasta Group of Companies, Shanghai, China) stained respectively for 3, 5, and 8 min, and trypan blue (Sigma, USA) for 5 min as the control.
Because the sections were stained with a single-color cocktail for P504S/p63, the staining pattern was the key to determining the positivity and negativity of the particular stain.
In the middle of the sixteenth century, stained glass was an ecclesiastical art in Europe.
Red alder, mahogany, maple, white oak, and pine veneer panels conditioned to 6, 12, or 20 percent moisture content (MC) were stained with red solvent-borne stain, partially coated with clear lacquer, and air dried.
Blotches result from the various densities on the surface of the wood that's being stained.
To many people, there is nothing more beautiful than a stream of light shining through a stained glass window: the vibrant colors and intricate designs providing comfort and warmth to everyone inside.
One of the most spectacular sights in any house of worship is the magnificent stained glass that adorns the windows and ceilings.
Many DIY stores display small blocks of wood that have been stained in the actual colours, enabling you to get a more accurate idea of how the stains will come out.
I have an old stock made from beechwood and it was stained walnut.