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shit stain

1. vulgar slang Literally, a mark left by excrement. We need to rip up these carpets—they're covered in shit stains from grandpa's dog. His underpants had a disgusting shitstain on them.
2. rude slang A despicable, contemptible, worthless, or inconsequential person. Sometimes written as a single word. Don't listen to a fool like him, he's just a shit stain. I'll never understand why they hired a shitstain like him to run the company. Go ahead and sue us. There's no way a little shit stain like you can beat our company in court.
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stain (something) with (something)

1. Literally, to permanently ruin or alter the color of something with the application, introduction, or interaction of some substance. I swear to God—if you stain that sofa with chocolate, you will be grounded for a week! We'll need to stain the wooded decking outside with lacquer before it rains.
2. To tarnish, besmirch, or sully something due to some action, situation, occurrence, etc. She stained her bright political career with the financial scandal. My reputation has been stained with the vile calumnies of my enemies.
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stain something with something

1. to cause a blemish or blotch on something with something. (Usually an accident.) Judy stained the carpet with some grape juice. You will stain your clothing with that food if you drop any of it.
2. to affect the coloring of something through the use of a chemical stain. (A purposeful act, much the same as painting.) Walter stained the house with a long-lasting reddish stain. We decided to stain the doors with a special varnish rather than paint them.
3. Fig. to injure or blemish someone's reputation. They stained his reputation with their charges. I don't want to do anything that would stain my reputation.
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The presence of stainable acinar iron granules was actually the most common finding, identified in 87.8% (n = 43) of patients; HIO (ie, score [greater than or equal to] 2) was encountered in 57% (n = 28) of patients.
In these terms, the slightly stainable spherical structures in the glandular reservoirs of T.
Bone marrow studies in patients with CKD undergoing hemodialysis have indicated little or no stainable iron at levels greater than 100 ng/mL, particularly in a setting of inflammation (Fernandez-Rodriguez et al., 1999; Kalantar-Zadeh et al., 1995; NKF, 2006).
It has proved to be one of this season's most popular looks despite its magnetic attraction to anything stainable.
However, in tetraploid hybrids (StStStH) between tetraploid bluebunch and thickspike, stainable pollen ranged from 0 to 50% and several of the hybrids produced 100 seeds [plant.sup.-1] (Dewey, 1965).
It offers the elegant look and smooth, authentic grain of Honduran mahogany, with complementary door and sidelite designs, new glass styles and a paintable, stainable surface.
The doors are available in insulated steel, stainable steel, smooth fiberglass, textured fiberglass, and steel with a wood-veneer interior.
Stainable porch columns are available in wood and vinyl.
glue joints can be dissolved in water; stainable; new glue bonds with old.
Longevity is somehow tainted -- a group has become "institutional" -- rather than a sign that the organization is meeting the needs of its constituents and has developed a su stainable model.
paint palette, Minwax stainable wood filler and super fast drying
Some plants produce a mixture of normal pollen and pollen with no stainable contents.
To reduce operator variation in failure determinations, careful inspection of some samples with either water or a stainable dye is recommended.
and paintable and stainable vinyls to address this.
Further evaluation included a bone marrow biopsy, which demonstrated no stainable iron.