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stagger around

to go about tottering or wobbling, especially as if drunk. The wounded man staggered around and then fell. A lot of people came out of the party and staggered around.
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stagger from something

to move out of a place, tottering. The drunk staggered from the tavern and fell into the gutter. The wounded man staggered from the door and called for help.
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stagger in(to some place)

to walk into some place, tottering. The old man staggered into the room and collapsed. He staggered in and fell down.
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stagger out (of some place)

to walk out of some place, tottering. The drunk staggered out of the tavern and fell down. She staggered out and sat on the curb.
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stagger under something

to struggle or totter under a serious burden, either a heavy object or a serious problem or responsibility. The welfare budget is staggering under the burden of having to care for many people. Sam staggered under the heavy load and finally fell.
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1. n. liquor. She poured herself a huge glass of staggers and mumbled something about cough medicine.
2. and the staggers n. drunkenness; the delirium tremens. (Always with the in this sense.) He seems to have a little touch of the staggers.
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the staggers

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acquirer, the complementary use of a staggering provision and a poison
For example, in modifying the staggering trick of lattice QCD, says Thomas A.
If ComEd's auction process is left unchanged, it will result in staggering consequences for Illinois residents and businesses.
A National Lottery spokesman said: "With a staggering pounds 847 million paid out in top prizes since the lottery started and an amazing 176 millionaires living in the region, the West Midlands is clearly rich in luck.
And no, that tall, leggy blonde staggering around Wisteria Lane at the end of the night with martini in hand wasn't Paris Hilton.
He was staggering about all over the place and stopped at a telephone box to support himself.
Sports Mirror last week told you all about Lazio's staggering pounds 20m world record bid for Barcelona's Brazilian ace Ronaldo - and the deal could be sealed tomorrow.
This year alone, a staggering 700,000 Americans will suffer a stroke.
And it recommends being especially alert for signs of unusual nervousness, tremors and staggering, treating any suspected cases immediately with subcutaneous magnesium sulphate.
Beefy's charity work has already seen him raise a staggering pounds 8million - and he'll surely be staggering by the time he finishes his latest trek.
The amount of money to be made in Indian gaming was staggering, but depended on whether a tribe could qualify for recognition, and whether it could keep competition out of the area.
To have that information relayed at that meeting was, quite frankly, staggering.
The Manchester United boss is set to net a staggering pounds 1 million from the publication of his life story.
Now there are 367 companies using the BRS spectrum and a staggering 1,598 companies controlling the EBS spectrum", concluded Fellah.
A MAN denied murdering a teenager who died after staggering into hospital with knife wounds.