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stagger around

to go about tottering or wobbling, especially as if drunk. The wounded man staggered around and then fell. A lot of people came out of the party and staggered around.
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stagger from something

to move out of a place, tottering. The drunk staggered from the tavern and fell into the gutter. The wounded man staggered from the door and called for help.
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stagger in(to some place)

to walk into some place, tottering. The old man staggered into the room and collapsed. He staggered in and fell down.
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stagger out (of some place)

to walk out of some place, tottering. The drunk staggered out of the tavern and fell down. She staggered out and sat on the curb.
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stagger under something

to struggle or totter under a serious burden, either a heavy object or a serious problem or responsibility. The welfare budget is staggering under the burden of having to care for many people. Sam staggered under the heavy load and finally fell.
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1. n. liquor. She poured herself a huge glass of staggers and mumbled something about cough medicine.
2. and the staggers n. drunkenness; the delirium tremens. (Always with the in this sense.) He seems to have a little touch of the staggers.
See also: stagger

the staggers

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It is understood that his advance payment alone is a staggering record pounds 650,000.
And no, that tall, leggy blonde staggering around Wisteria Lane at the end of the night with martini in hand wasn't Paris Hilton.
The staggering windfall came as the share price rose to a new high of pounds 5.
And while tribal gaming has brought lobbyists, the casino industry and some Indian tribes and their leaders staggering wealth, most Indians still live in poverty.
Cattle are responsible for 14 per cent of global methane - the most potent of greenhouse gases - and a single dairy cow can produce a staggering 400 litres of gas a day.
Now she's rattling cages over the 28,672 foreigners in California prisons who cost taxpayers a staggering sum to feed and house, one-half of whom are illegal aliens from Mexico.
At the other end of the spectrum are the statistical search engines, like Google, whose staggering views of worldwide data can produce equally staggering lists of uncorrelated results.
When Russell stopped the bout with Jirov staggering against the ropes, Jirov meekly shook his head as if to say he didn't think it should be stopped.
Network Rail is spending pounds 26billion over five years - a staggering pounds 14m-a-day.
In addition this same technology can be used to produce DVDs and CDs for the music and film industries who also have staggering losses due to counterfeiting and other illicit production of their products.
Cellblock seniors'' present unique problems for prison officials and staggering economic costs for the larger society.
SMOKING costs the NHS in Scotland a staggering pounds 140million every year.
The smart darting and splicing tools automatically update the staggering if an additional ply is inserted into the laminate, greatly simplifying redesign and saving engineering time.
It seems to me that congestion on all freeways could be improved with a lot less cost than what is being proposed just by staggering work hours.
Pals yesterday told an inquest the 41-year-old was incoherent and staggering around in front of her daughter Tiger Lily just hours before she died.