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stagger around

to go about tottering or wobbling, especially as if drunk. The wounded man staggered around and then fell. A lot of people came out of the party and staggered around.
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stagger from something

to move out of a place, tottering. The drunk staggered from the tavern and fell into the gutter. The wounded man staggered from the door and called for help.
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stagger in(to some place)

to walk into some place, tottering. The old man staggered into the room and collapsed. He staggered in and fell down.
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stagger out (of some place)

to walk out of some place, tottering. The drunk staggered out of the tavern and fell down. She staggered out and sat on the curb.
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stagger under something

to struggle or totter under a serious burden, either a heavy object or a serious problem or responsibility. The welfare budget is staggering under the burden of having to care for many people. Sam staggered under the heavy load and finally fell.
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1. n. liquor. She poured herself a huge glass of staggers and mumbled something about cough medicine.
2. and the staggers n. drunkenness; the delirium tremens. (Always with the in this sense.) He seems to have a little touch of the staggers.
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the staggers

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The staggered delivery option covers commodities such as oil seeds, chana, sugar, rubber, steel, gold (100g) and PVC.
So far this year, at almost 50 companies, shareholders have submitted proxy proposals to declassify staggered boards and instead hold an annual election of all directors.
Of those patients, a total of 161 had suffered a staggered overdose.
The study found that those suffering from a staggered overdose tended to be
They found that 161 had taken a staggered overdose, usually to relieve a variety of common pains, such as abdominal or muscular pains, headache and toothache.
Once that is achieved, it makes a grower's job much easier trying to manipulate the environment for the desired staggered pin set.
NCR and CLS units feature staggered rotors with disposable cassette knives that eliminate resharpening and resetting.
The Kings and the Mighty Ducks face each other eight times this season as part of the NHL's new staggered schedule that keeps the majority of games within a team's conference.
His demand has staggered United, who paid a record pounds 29million when they bought him from Leeds.
Some of the other key enhanced SATA features were published by the SATA II working group in several specifications and included Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Port Multiplier, Staggered Spin Up, Port Selector, External SATA, and Hot Plug.
Wilson responded that while MTC joint audits may make it easier, one advantage of individual state audits is that the taxpayer's workload can be staggered by scheduling one state at a time.
Cumberland Engineering's LB Series of portable granulators is available in three sizes (32 lb, 43 lb, and 86 lb) that offer maintenance-free drives, a D2 milling rotor with six rotor blades (32-1b model), staggered horizontal cutting rotors with six D2 steel rotor blades (43-1b model), and staggered horizontal cutting rotor with 15 D2 steel rotor blades (86-1b model).
Each of the lattice sites occupied by a staggered quark was exchanging high-speed gluons with the other sites, a faux interaction that Lepage then minimized.
Classified boards like Borland's are also called staggered boards because the election for directors is staggered over several years.
Rail bosses say closures at Glasgow's Queen Street Station will be staggered over the holiday period to minimise disruption.