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stagger around

to go about tottering or wobbling, especially as if drunk. The wounded man staggered around and then fell. A lot of people came out of the party and staggered around.
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stagger from something

to move out of a place, tottering. The drunk staggered from the tavern and fell into the gutter. The wounded man staggered from the door and called for help.
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stagger in(to some place)

to walk into some place, tottering. The old man staggered into the room and collapsed. He staggered in and fell down.
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stagger out (of some place)

to walk out of some place, tottering. The drunk staggered out of the tavern and fell down. She staggered out and sat on the curb.
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stagger under something

to struggle or totter under a serious burden, either a heavy object or a serious problem or responsibility. The welfare budget is staggering under the burden of having to care for many people. Sam staggered under the heavy load and finally fell.
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1. n. liquor. She poured herself a huge glass of staggers and mumbled something about cough medicine.
2. and the staggers n. drunkenness; the delirium tremens. (Always with the in this sense.) He seems to have a little touch of the staggers.
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the staggers

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Remember, the best start for a successful stagger with larger product and high yields is a heavy, dense, lumpy casing layer.
7) at the University of Maryland shows that screw stagger and partially filled channels are important parameters in polymer mixing as well as the factors mentioned previously.
One Tibetan man staggers toward me clutching a stick.
By having two lead singers, 7 Minute Stagger is able to have a highly contrasted vocal sound.
At the right moment, 1 will scrape off the stagger screen and look for a pass from 3 for a possible 3-point shot.
As my grueling quest for fabulosity staggers on well past my early twentysomething period, becoming increasingly graceless and impatient, I can leave no stone unturned.
After 1 scrapes off the stagger screen, 5 will roll to the basket and 3 moves up to the top of the key.
We can tell they will never disappoint because they have a keenly felt mission, and they state it thus: "7 Minute Stagger is now poised on the brink of creating a new movement within the deeply rooted Massachusetts metal scene.
He will scrape off the stagger screen and cut toward the basket, looking for the ball.
A TD has called for Dublin schools to stagger their opening hours in a bid to ease traffic gridlock.
We also need to stagger the closing times of clubs to prevent overcrowding.
But, watched by the amazed officers, he continued to stagger about for another 20 minutes.
Our airports will stagger beneath passenger and cargo demands, and lost productivity resulting from increased congestion will have major consequences for both Southern California's economy and our quality of life.
Botha was able to stagger to his feet but it was too late: He'd been counted out by referee Richard Steele one second before the end of the round.
I laugh at the build up of my mate staggering down the street, he staggers into the old man and I laugh at the way he goes down slow, it's childish I agree but with no malice or intent.