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stagger around

to go about tottering or wobbling, especially as if drunk. The wounded man staggered around and then fell. A lot of people came out of the party and staggered around.
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stagger from something

to move out of a place, tottering. The drunk staggered from the tavern and fell into the gutter. The wounded man staggered from the door and called for help.
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stagger in(to some place)

to walk into some place, tottering. The old man staggered into the room and collapsed. He staggered in and fell down.
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stagger out (of some place)

to walk out of some place, tottering. The drunk staggered out of the tavern and fell down. She staggered out and sat on the curb.
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stagger under something

to struggle or totter under a serious burden, either a heavy object or a serious problem or responsibility. The welfare budget is staggering under the burden of having to care for many people. Sam staggered under the heavy load and finally fell.
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1. n. liquor. She poured herself a huge glass of staggers and mumbled something about cough medicine.
2. and the staggers n. drunkenness; the delirium tremens. (Always with the in this sense.) He seems to have a little touch of the staggers.
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the staggers

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2) The effects of percent fill (P) and screw stagger (S) can not be interpreted separately because of the large S vs.
Where Yield is the length of the dye trace after six revolutions, which is a symbol to quantify the amount of mixing; S is in the range of 0% to 50% twin-screw stagger offset with each other; P is in the range of 20% to 90% of percentage of channels filled;
For example, if the screw stagger is 50% and the percentage of channels filled is 40%, the predicted length of the dye trace is:
At first, 7 Minute Stagger was hesitant to play in Western Mass.
Despite success elsewhere, 7 Minute Stagger remains loyal to Worcester.
On Friday, 7 Minute Stagger will be playing alongside Truth Ending Cycle, Army of None, Next To Nothing, and InAeona.
Maybe there will be a quasi-melodic singalong at some point as everyone joins together in a verse or two of "Happy Birthday'' for Stagger vocalist Amanda Lirange on her big 30th birthday bash night.
2 follows 3 around the stagger screen, but ends up in the ballside deep corner as the outside threat for he play, If the "#4" play does not produce a shot but keeps control of the ball (Diag.
After the reversal pass, both elbow players set a double stagger screen for the ballside corner (2 or 4) at the top of the key.
The 3-man game between the two stagger screeners and the cutter have given this option a strong 3-point shot threat as well as eliminated any help to make this a strong inside threat as well.
Groomsmen were Fort Bridgforth, James Bridgforth, Will Fratesi, Frank Greenlee, Andy Jones, Will Jones, Benny Long Chris Shelton, Matt Smith, Will Staggers, brother of the bride; and Alex Whittington and Andrew Whittington.
Since that time, the railroad industry has had a generation to respond to regulatory incentives under the Staggers Act.
32) that documents key aspects of the dramatic turnaround and stabilization that has occurred since the enactment of the Staggers Act.
Eblex beef scientist Dr Liz Genever said: "Grass staggers - hypomagnesaemia - are always a threat with lactating cows on early season ryegrass-based pastures, but they pose far more of a risk when stock grazing young grass are stressed by the sudden changes in spring weather that seem to be becoming more common these days.
The incidence of staggers varies widely, both between seasons and locations.