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The cargo ship was owned by the Stag Line of North Shields and had been built earlier that year by the William Doxford yard in Sunderland.
The Stag Line went to Sunderland again in 1924 for a third SS Euphorbia, which was torpedoed in 1940.
After leaving school, she started work at a grocery store in Tynemouth before moving to the offices of Stag Line shipping company, which were housed in the building that is now North Shields' Register Office.
While working there, she was promoted to become nanny to the Robinson family, the owners of Stag Line who had several properties throughout the country.
As if that wasn't enough, Donna has creatively inverted the Stag line from the original play so that they are spoken by the Hens in her version.
It is also familiar as the headquarters of the Stag Line, which was founded by the Robinson family in the mid-19th Century and continued into the 1980s.
The study covers the area from the Stag Line building in the town centre to Knotts Flats.
A European competition to create viewing platforms at the Stag Line site in Howard Street, North Shields, and the Ballast Hill in South Shields is proposed, as well as the illumination of key landmarks.
From the mid-19th Century it was the headquarters of the Stag Line shipping company, founded by captains John and Joseph Robinson.
The Stag Line moved out in 1981 and the building stood amid general dereliction as the area declined.
The dad-of-two first became interested in ships when he left school at the age of 16 to become a deckhand with the Stag Line shipping company.
Precision Pro has their version of the B-Western imitation stag grip carried out in ivory acrylic with the stag lines carved into the material.