stack the deck

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stack the deck (against) (someone or something)

To make arrangements that result in an unfair advantage over someone or something. (Likened to fixing a deck of playing cards in one's favor during a game.) By dating the boss's daughter, Jeremy has stacked the deck against the rest of us for an early promotion. The mega corporation has been accused of trying to stack the deck by spending millions to influence members of congress.
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stack the deck (against someone or something)

 and stack the cards (against someone or something)
to arrange things against someone or something. (Originally from card playing; stacking the deck is to cheat by arranging the cards to be dealt out to one's advantage.) I can't get ahead at my office. Someone has stacked the cards against me. Do you really think that someone has stacked the deck? Isn't it just fate?
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stack the deck


load the deck

If you stack the deck or load the deck, you give someone or something an unfair advantage or disadvantage. Mr Howard is doing all he can to stack the deck in favour of the status quo. We've developed a culture where it's really hard to eat well and exercise. We're kind of stacking the deck against ourselves. As you can see, I'm loading the deck so that we get the results we want. Note: A stacked or loaded deck of cards is one that has been altered before a game in order to give one player an advantage.
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stack the deck

tv. to arrange things secretly for a desired outcome. (From card playing where a cheater may arrange the order of the cards that are to be dealt to the players.) The president stacked the deck so I would be appointed head of the finance committee.
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stack the deck

Arrange matters in one’s own favor or against one’s opponent. The term, dating from the mid-1800s, originated in card playing, where it meant secretly arranging a pack of cards in a sequence that gave the dealer a winning hand. Also put as play with a stacked deck, it has been used figuratively both in the sense of a dishonest maneuver or simply in the sense of describing odds in one’s favor. For example, a statement like “As the home team, the Patriots are playing with a stacked deck” means only that the team has a natural advantage playing on a familiar field.
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There is only one way we can make sure elected officials can't be permitted to stack the deck, and that's by establishing an independent redistricting commission, free of influence of political parties or specific interest groups.
But Elizabeth Ghomko's film doesn't stack the deck against any of its characters.
Suglia, ScD, assistant professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School, said that lack of sleep in teenage years could stack the deck against one for obesity later in life and if one becomes an obese adult, it was much harder to lose weight and keep it off and the longer one was obese, there was a greater risk for health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.Suglia added that the message for parents was to make sure their teenagers got more than eight hours a night and a good night sleep did more than help them stay alert in school and it helped them grew into healthy adults.
"If you want to feel good, live well and live longest, you stack the deck in your favor by being as plant-based as you can," says Gerald Gacioch, M.D., division head of cardiology at the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute at Rochester General Hospital.
"America leads the world in the research and development of new medicines, but some foreign countries stack the deck against our companies," said Stephen Ubl, president and chief executive officer of PhRMA.
Start very small, stack the deck, and get quick results.
Denying defendants access to their untainted funds will embolden prosecutors to more aggressively target legitimate assets for restraint, often through ex parte proceedings, and stack the deck in the governments favor by crippling the defendants ability to afford high-quality counsel, added Barron, D-Prince Georges.
Right now, the governor can stack the deck any way he wants."
Dina Titus (D-Nev.) said the vote is "another sign the Trump administration continue to stack the deck against Nevada."
This isn't about charity starting at home, this is about the care of our citizens and regardless of how you stack the deck, the main priority of any government should be the care of its own citizens first.
Federal law prohibits more than three members of the same political party from occupying the commission, so President Trump can't stack the deck too far in his favor.
But opponents argued that approving mandatory arbitration plans would stack the deck against consumers, who may not understand the consequences of giving up their right to sue.
Manufacturers using different testing procedures are not trying to cheat or stack the deck in their favor.
POIGNANT SUCCESS Pat Fahy saddled his second winner of the weekend when David Mullins partnered Thelobstercatcher to land the 3m handicap chase, and it was quite poignant as it was almost two years to the day since owner George Moore lost Stack The Deck in the Cheltenham bumper to a shattered knee.
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