stack the deck

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stack the deck (against) (someone or something)

To make arrangements that result in an unfair advantage over someone or something. (Likened to fixing a deck of playing cards in one's favor during a game.) By dating the boss's daughter, Jeremy has stacked the deck against the rest of us for an early promotion. The mega corporation has been accused of trying to stack the deck by spending millions to influence members of congress.
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stack the deck (against someone or something)

 and stack the cards (against someone or something)
to arrange things against someone or something. (Originally from card playing; stacking the deck is to cheat by arranging the cards to be dealt out to one's advantage.) I can't get ahead at my office. Someone has stacked the cards against me. Do you really think that someone has stacked the deck? Isn't it just fate?
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stack the deck


load the deck

If you stack the deck or load the deck, you give someone or something an unfair advantage or disadvantage. Mr Howard is doing all he can to stack the deck in favour of the status quo. We've developed a culture where it's really hard to eat well and exercise. We're kind of stacking the deck against ourselves. As you can see, I'm loading the deck so that we get the results we want. Note: A stacked or loaded deck of cards is one that has been altered before a game in order to give one player an advantage.
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stack the deck

tv. to arrange things secretly for a desired outcome. (From card playing where a cheater may arrange the order of the cards that are to be dealt to the players.) The president stacked the deck so I would be appointed head of the finance committee.
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The daughter of Beneficial is owned by Cardiff-based Donegal native George Moore, who also owned this mare's winning half-brother Stack The Deck, and Fahy revealed: "I rang George to tell him that we had a good one in Stack The Deck and he said back to me that he didn't care how good he is, that the mare is ten times better
That's why they're desperate to stack the deck this time around, but they've been rumbled.
The victims were Our Conor, Akdam, Stack The Deck and Raya Star.
Akdam and Stack the Deck were put down after suffering injuries on Ladies Day Wednesday at the Cheltenham Festival.
There was a further equine fatality as Stack The Deck was fatally injured after pulling up in the closing bumper.
We continue to stack the deck by only engaging with candidates who meet our high standards and expectations.
Imran declared that clearly the deal-making on the 20th Amendment by the PPP and PML-N has been done to fortify themselves against their fast dwindling power in the electorate and to try and stack the deck against the PTI in the next general elections.
Yet, prepaid card junk fees stack the deck against jobless Americans who need every dollar during a financially stressful time.
Those who stack the deck against others should have no place in society, let alone in positions of authority in nursing.
You want to stack the deck in your favour when writing a CV," the Telegraph quoted Tony Roy, president of CareerBuilder EMEA, as saying.
Living on the edge Fight I will tell you how I want to live With my hand on the tiller not on the sieve, My own Nostradamus, making predictions come true, Refusing to be persuaded or dissuaded by you or you or you I will stack the deck, if life is a game of cards Seek insurance and plan out every detail of my happenstance But then I know that all stained glass will one day be shards, That Einstein was wrong, God does play games of chance And that I, like King Canute, cannot hold back the sea Living on the edge is where I will have to be .
A shortage of vitamin D may stack the deck against people fighting a common form of lymphoma, researchers reported December 5.
Yet if the Legislature had wanted its panel, consisting of four Democrats and two Republicans, to stack the deck, it could have exempted the ballot titles from Supreme Court review.
In joint statement with US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Mr Obama said he was "calling for reforms to ensure our tax code does not stack the deck against jobs on our shores".