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At present, DaimlerChrysler obtains its fuel cell stacks from Ballard Power Systems, a Vancouver, British Columbia, company.
Most intelligent businessmen know that the marketplace dictates salaries and raises," explained Stack.
Overlapping the strips a small amount along with the 90[degrees] turn creates a denser and more stable stack with better release properties than when the layers are stacked flat without the turn.
With the TCP/IP stack and network developer's kit, we've given customers the tools to connect their Internet appliances quickly, easily and inexpensively.
The robot stacks the cups in "mini stacks" of 25 cups--a stable height that prevents the vertical stacks from tipping over, Forrester explains.
MUMS, which appeared for the first time at the Plastics Fair in Chicago last month, has several features that set it apart from conventional stack molds.
Not only are consistent coating, cooling and dryness of stock important issues to address, but other issues, such as stack appearance, are now also of paramount importance.
The Flex Stack bottom block, top pin, and top ring are common regardless of number of layers, to enable easy switching.
says it has perfected a four-level stack mold design that uses a fully balanced hot-runner system and unique melt-transfer system, which the company is adapting for further stack-molding innovations.
Blown film die product manager Peter Gates says these conically shaped sections fit atop one another much like a stack of PS foam cups.