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squirt from something

[for a liquid] to be ejected in a spurt from something. The water squirted from the hose. Juice squirted from the orange when I squeezed it.
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squirt out(of someone or something)

[for something, especially a liquid] to gush or spurt forth from someone or something. In the horror movie, black stuff squirted out of this guy whenever he got angry. A lot of blood squirted out of the gash and I closed my eyes.
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squirt something at someone or something

1. to direct a narrow stream of liquid onto someone or something. They squirted the water at the cat and it ran away. Who is squirting catsup at people?
2. to direct a device for squirting liquid at someone or something. Tom squirted the hose at the cat. Who is squirting the firehose at the front of the house?
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squirt something out of something

 and squirt something out
to cause something to spurt out of something. He squirted a bit of the vaccine out of the syringe, making sure the needle was not clogged. He squirted out a bit of the vaccine.
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take a leak

Inf. to urinate. (Crude. Use caution with the topic. Usually in reference to a male.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. He just went out to take a leak.
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take a leak

Urinate, as in Excuse me, I've got to take a leak. [ Vulgar slang; c. 1930]
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take a leak

When a man takes a leak, he urinates. I've got to take a leak, keep your eye on my drink, will you?
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take a ˈleak

(slang) pass urine (= waste liquid) from the body: I’m just going to take a leak before we leave.
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1. n. a small person; a young child, especially a young boy. (Also a term of address.) Hey, squirt, come over here.
2. n. beer or champagne. How about a nice bubbly glass of squirt?

the squirts

n. a case of diarrhea. He’s got the squirts and can’t go out.
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take a leak

and take a piss and take a squirt
tv. to urinate. (Crude. Often objectionable. Usually in reference to a male. Leak is the mildest and piss is the strongest.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. We stopped at a rest area so old Harry could take a piss.
See also: leak, take

take a squirt

See also: squirt, take

take a leak

Vulgar Slang
To urinate.
See also: leak, take
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Prosecutor John O'Higgins told the jury Christopher's mum administered the drug by "pouring or squirting it into hisCritchlow told jurors: "The key issue is whether the defendant squirted the Oramorph into her son's mouth.
Wayne said: "I thought, naively, why is he squirting his juice in my face?
A Channel 4 spokesman said: "The water squirting was not intended to cause offence.
A bump on one prong's inner edge plunges into a pocket on the other prong, squirting out water Calculations suggest that the tiny jet moves at up to 30 meters per second.
Rowdy the Raccoon is out of a minor-league baseball job after the Bend Bandits' mascot was accused of squirting water and throwing gravel at his former girlfriend during a game.
Kids can search for the hilarious, hidden animations that are sprinkled throughout the image, including a butterfly, wild squirting ketchup, crumbling letters on the chalkboard and the ceiling spy.
Mr Deazley, from Dromore, near Omagh, Co Tyrone, was arrested for disorderly behaviour after squirting people with a water pistol on Portstewart's busy promenade on July 21 last year.
A MAN of 70 foiled a knife-wielding burglar by squirting him in the eyes with an air freshener.
A TEENAGER yesterday admitted squirting bleach over a "terrified" mother who had asked him to be quiet as she watched a Harry Potter film with her family.
The porpoise, named Squirt by children because of the noise he makes squirting water and air through his blowhole, has set up home in the Bann at Coleraine.