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squirt from something

[for a liquid] to be ejected in a spurt from something. The water squirted from the hose. Juice squirted from the orange when I squeezed it.
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squirt out(of someone or something)

[for something, especially a liquid] to gush or spurt forth from someone or something. In the horror movie, black stuff squirted out of this guy whenever he got angry. A lot of blood squirted out of the gash and I closed my eyes.
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squirt something at someone or something

1. to direct a narrow stream of liquid onto someone or something. They squirted the water at the cat and it ran away. Who is squirting catsup at people?
2. to direct a device for squirting liquid at someone or something. Tom squirted the hose at the cat. Who is squirting the firehose at the front of the house?
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squirt something out of something

 and squirt something out
to cause something to spurt out of something. He squirted a bit of the vaccine out of the syringe, making sure the needle was not clogged. He squirted out a bit of the vaccine.
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take a leak

Inf. to urinate. (Crude. Use caution with the topic. Usually in reference to a male.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. He just went out to take a leak.
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take a leak

Urinate, as in Excuse me, I've got to take a leak. [ Vulgar slang; c. 1930]
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take a leak

When a man takes a leak, he urinates. I've got to take a leak, keep your eye on my drink, will you?
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1. n. a small person; a young child, especially a young boy. (Also a term of address.) Hey, squirt, come over here.
2. n. beer or champagne. How about a nice bubbly glass of squirt?

the squirts

n. a case of diarrhea. He’s got the squirts and can’t go out.
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take a leak

and take a piss and take a squirt
tv. to urinate. (Crude. Often objectionable. Usually in reference to a male. Leak is the mildest and piss is the strongest.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. We stopped at a rest area so old Harry could take a piss.
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take a squirt

See also: squirt, take

take a leak

Vulgar Slang
To urinate.
See also: leak, take
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Being grilled on who administered the drug, Mr Ugle said: "It was measured out by Marianne and then squirted into our mouths.
He squirted ammonia in the face of Mr Charlton because of the abuse.
The shopkeeper's wife came to help and was also squirted in the eyes before her husband was eventually forced to release his grip after being bitten on his arm.
The cue-wielding thug vaulted the counter and struck the 21-year-old cashier in the head and back, while his accomplice squirted him in the face with the liquid.
Johnson then ran at the front door and squirted diluted bleach at the policeman.
Sometimes, the crickets squirted their own blood up to 6cm.
Police said the orange Ford Transit van was being driven from Blackburn to Coleshill and was nearing its destination when a man approached the driver and squirted a "toxic substance" through an open window, incapacitating the driver.
Yeretsian was the only person in the house when he squirted lighter fluid on the couch and set it ablaze, authorities say.
Mr James White had solvent squirted in his eye from a detergent bottle, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
A SOCCER yob who squirted liquid in a police officer's face has been banned from a stadium.
She squirted the living heck out of me, so I'm going to get her with this tonight,'' vowed the retired air-conditioning repairman, brandishing his firepower in the late afternoon air.
The other cars I squirted were stopped too and in a queue of traffic.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "The driver was approached by two men, one of whom squirted liquid in his face.
A bungled apartment break-in in which the resident was squirted with pepper spray before grabbing a gun led shortly to two arrests Thursday, police said.
Police are hunting a mugger who squirted a noxious substance in his victim's face.