squirt from

squirt from (something)

1. To eject, flow, or issue forth from some source in one or more forceful spurts. Crude oil began squirting from the spot where my pickaxe had struck the earth. Molten chocolate squirted from the chocolate fondant.
2. To eject or issue forth (some liquid) from some source in one or more forceful spurts. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "squirt" and "from" to specify what is being squirted. The bullet-wound victim began squirting blood from his neck. The clown squirted water from the fake flower on her lapel.
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squirt from something

[for a liquid] to be ejected in a spurt from something. The water squirted from the hose. Juice squirted from the orange when I squeezed it.
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