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The front of the car gets a little bit squirrely over bumps as you accelerate, but never gets out of hand.
So why would anyone in the 21st century hunt with such squirrely rifles?
6) Get Squirrely (G) (Animation/ Comedy/ Adventure)
For now, most camp directors understand that most parents would feel a little squirrely about such a program option, and most kids are already getting decent health education in school.
(Even squirrely autistic children may adopt a quiescent, meditative pose while undergoing the training.) The client may also remark about a state of alertness that does not seem congruent with such a state of placid calmness.
SANCHEZ: I get a little squirrely when I hear the word religious, but my version of that is about bearing witness.
On a right-hand curve, "You don't want your tires to go off in the gravel because that gets a little squirrely," he said.
But there is little romance for Jay Johnson, the somewhat squirrely protagonist of Daniel Pyne's Fifty Mice (Blue Rider, $26.95, 304 pages, ISBN 9780399171642).
Williams supplies a memorable few minutes as Ross, reminiscing about the crack business's inversion of the laws of economics: "I couldn't sell it fast enough to keep up with the supply." Michael Sheen shows up as a squirrely D.C.
The sublime is nothing if not squirrely, and there's a thin line between true artistry and anodyne snapshots best suited for the walls of a dentist's office.
An additional safety benefit is the ability to activate just the trailer brakes in the event the trailer starts to sway or get squirrely. One tap of the electric brake controller pulls the trailer instantly in line.
What the "it" explained was Squirrely's mysterious disappearance.
My favourite word of the Games so far is undoubtedly "squirrely".
There have been examples of bureaucratic bungling by uptight or bullying federal officials, acts of violence and destruction by squirrely locals, and growing tension among Alaskans playing federal and state laws off each other in a contest for hunting and fishing access.
"I got some squirrely looks fishing them at Devils Lake," he says.