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ground squirrel

A burrowing rodent of the squirrel family more commonly known as a gopher. You can really tell that spring is here when the ground squirrels start coming out again.
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ain't got the brains God gave a squirrel

Is very foolish or lacking common sense. Jimmy almost crossed the street without looking up from his cell phone. He ain't got the brains God gave a squirrel!
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squirrel away

To hide, reserve, or hoard something for future use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "squirrel" and "away." I've been squirreling away a little bit of money each so that I can afford a trip to Spain next summer. It turns out she'd been squirreling office supplies away in the filing cabinet near her desk. The company has been accused of squirreling away huge amounts of customers' data, which it then implemented into its advertising algorithms across its various platforms.
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A louse that has infested clothing or linens. Typically used in the plural. No way am I staying in such a crappy motel! Their beds are probably crawling with seam-squirrels! Our uniforms were so thoroughly infested with seam-squirrels that there was nothing left to do but burn them.

squirrel out of (something)

1. To squirm, wiggle, or squeeze out of something. The cat managed to squirrel out of its cage at the veterinarian's office. Our toddler thinks it's hilarious to squirrel out of his diaper.
2. To avoid or escape from some situation, obligation, or responsibility through sly or devious means. Oh no, you're not squirreling out of doing the dishes this time! I tried to squirrel out of going to the party, but my husband is guilt-tripping me into coming with him.
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squirrel food

slang One or more nuts. Squirrel food makes for a great a snack when you're on a high-protein, low-carb diet.
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ain't got the brains God gave a squirrel

 and ain't got the sense God gave geese
Rur. is or are very foolish. There goes John, running around barefooted in the snow. He ain't got the brains God gave a squirrel. No use trying to explain anything to Jane. She ain't got the sense God gave geese.
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squirrel something away

Fig. to hide something or store something in the way that a squirrel stores nuts for use in the winter. I squirreled a little money away for an occasion such as this. Liz squirreled away a lot of money while she was working.
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squirrel away

Hide or store, as in She squirreled away her savings in at least four different banks. This expression alludes to the squirrel's habit of hiding nuts and acorns in the ground. [First half of 1900s]
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squirrel away

To hide or store something: They have been squirreling away money in an offshore bank account. The children were squirreling candy away in their rooms.
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n. lice. (see also pants rabbits. Contrived.) I got an itch. Must be seam-squirrels.


1. n. a strange or eccentric person. Martin can be such a squirrel.
2. n. a car engine’s horsepower. (Usually plural.) I got 440 squirrels and a gaggle of carburetors.

squirrel out of something

in. to wiggle out of something; to manage to extricate oneself from a situation one does not wish to be in. He will do anything he can to squirrel out of going to the dance.
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squirrel something away

tv. to hide something in reserve. Here is some food. I squirreled it away in my suitcase.
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n. a nut; a loony person. The driver of the car—squirrel-food, for sure—just sat there smiling. Some squirrel-food came over and asked for a sky hook.
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On spotting a snake, a California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi) stares and sniffs, or if the snake is uncoiled, may even kick sand at it.
Gray squirrel societies have a well-established dominance hierarchy, in which males dominate females and older individuals dominate younger individuals (Allen and Aspey, 1986).
In most cases, mounting a squirrel baffle--a plastic or metal cone available from hardware and pet stores--on your feeder pole will keep squirrels out of your feeders.
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